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    what's my naming style? throw some suggestions my way

    I've mentioned in other threads recently that my taste seems to have changed drastically in the last few weeks. The names i previously was loving now seem a bit too cool, as though i was trying too hard. Previously Artemis and Milo were my special favorites, but now they just feel false somehow.

    What I'm really really loving, and just feels right on my kids now is:

    Imogen, Florence, Rosamund, and Clementine on girls

    On boys the only one I'm really loving is Basil (but I'm American and say Bay-sil for the herb, so I'm debating whether i could really start saying Baz-il on a child. I like the nicknames Bay and Baz equally). I also sort of like the names Henry, August, Hamish, and Willoughby on boys, but they don't feel as 'right' as the girl names.

    So what I'm hoping is that i can get ideas about what my naming style is. I'm so very picky about names, and it seems like the majority of names suggested to me i hate because of some silly past experience with the name.

    I love that all the names I've selected are familiar and pronounceable and aren't in the top 1000. They sound pretty and cultured without sounding pretentious, and i could see calling them out in a playground without any embarrassment.

    Problem is i have this weird compulsive need to have a top 6 for each gender and i feel somewhat anxious without it, so i need more suggestions.

    Any help as to my style or name suggestions you want to throw at me are beyond welcome
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    I hope to be a mom one day. For now I enjoy being a name lover.

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    I'm not sure what your naming style is exactly but I wanted to say that I worked a summer camp once with a boy named Basil (pronounced Baz-il) and he constantly was correcting everyone who how to pronounce his name. Anyways just something to think about especially if you like both pronunciations.
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    For girls: I would say your style is kind of more classic but less used classics. Also very British. Umm maybe Louisa, Susannah, Cordelia, Georgiana
    Boys: Less sure. Um maybe Nathaniel, Iwan, Alistair, Evander.
    Hope this helped.
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    I'm pretty bad at pin=pointing styles, but i'd say maybe old-fashioned, underused classics with spunk? That's the vibe I get haha.


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    Louisa: i like this, not love it. I'd consider it, but doesn't quite have the zing the others do.
    Susannah: like it more than Louisa, but still lacking in zing. Love the Susie nickname, though.
    Cordelia: dislike because of Buffy/Angel character association
    Georgiana: like but don't love. Very old, less spunky than the others, and i dislike boy names on girls so Georgie wouldn't work as a nickname.
    Nathaniel: bad association, i knew a jerk of a Nathaniel once.
    Iwan: interesting, definitely one i haven't heard before. At first glance i prefer Ewan, but I'm definitely adding it to consideration.
    Alistair: all i think of is this scene in the TV show The IT Crowd when Roy keeps shouting "Alistair, I'm not a window-cleaner!!" lol. It seems like the right direction but the wrong name for me if that makes sense?
    Evander: i don't really care for this at all, but i can't put my finger on why. I think it reminds me of Lavender.

    I'm pretty bad at pin=pointing styles, but i'd say maybe old-fashioned, underused classics with spunk? That's the vibe I get haha
    That actually sounds about right!

    Adelaide: i like it, don't love it. It also lacks the wow factor of my other girl names (to me), and i dislike "Addie/Addy" as nicknames
    Evangeline: i like this a lot, and am adding it to my consideration list.
    Tabitha: i have a really granola friend named this, which isn't a bad association, but sort of makes me feel like Tabitha is more of a hippie name than I'm going for
    Dorothea: not really my style, also a family name
    Frances: i like it more for a middle name and it feels too close to Florence
    Josephine: i love Jo March, but can't stand the name Josephine :/ i feel like a bad 'Berry for not loving it!
    Penelope: very pretty, but a touch too popular for me. Also I've seen the movie Penelope several times so i associate it with the movie.
    Muriel: nms and a neighbor's name
    Adelia: pretty, but feels more like a middle
    Beatrix: not my style. I dislike the letter x. I dislike the Beatrix/Beatrice trend as well
    June: feels like a middle, and too short compared to my other names.
    Louisa: i like it but am undecided. It could work as a middle.
    Helen/Helena: I'm putting Helena on my consideration list. I like the sound of it, and I have a positive association, I'm just not 100% sure how I like the fit with the other girl names
    Gregory: Not bad, a little more popular than I prefer, but a good, solid name
    Sebastian: not my style, also a cousin's name, seems slightly pretentious to me
    Jasper: I just think of the jerky guy named Jasper from the film The Holiday
    Hugo: I actually really like this a lot! Adding it to the list
    Calvin: I like this, but used to nanny for a kid named Calvin and I don't want anyone to think it's after him, you know?
    Theodore: I halfway like it but also keep thinking of Theodore from Alvin & the Chipmunks
    Vincent: I associate Vincent with jerks, :/
    Oliver: Too popular and I dislike the sound
    Edmund: LOVE this name, LOVE the Pevensie and Bertram association!
    Graham: I don't dislike it but I don't love it
    Jeffrey: Name of a family member
    Elliot: I like it, especially for the Anne Elliot connection, adding it to consideration
    Cyrus/Cyril: Cyrus reminds me of Miley Cyrus. I like Cyril, but it sounds like "cereal" to my ears. I suppose the pronunciation sigh-ril is an option, but I don't quite love it.
    Lucian: reminds me of in Malfoy. Haha it just sounds slightly evil to me.
    Benedict: I like it, but is it too tied to Benedict Cumberbatch? Would it be too fangirly? I do love him.

    I'm sorry I'm so picky! I have all these weird associations with names, probably from being a name nerd for so long and remembering everyone's names. Some very good suggestions here, and I do think sarahdoodle hit it on the head with the "old-fashioned underused classics with spunk" style!
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    I hope to be a mom one day. For now I enjoy being a name lover.

    My apologies for any typos; i post from my mobile phone.

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