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    Who chose unique spelling or unusual names?

    Could you please answer quick poll?

    Rules: you can pick more than one option. If it's too long for you, click reply with a quote and delete anything that's not true. Or just highlight true ones. If you didn't met anyone who chose something unique, don't do this poll. You must answer last question.
    Alternative spellings like Margo/Margot, Eleanor/ Elinor, Catherine/Katherine and similar, well established spellings should not be taken into account. Aidan/Ayden and similar is taken into accont.

    1) Did you met anyone who chose unique spelling? If not, skip this poll

    2) In you town/neighbourhood/social circle:
    These parents chose unique spelling:

    1) africanamerican
    2) white friends
    3) latino friends
    4) asian friends
    5) poor firends
    6) rich firends
    7) conservative friends
    8) liberal
    9) religious (I am thinking about friends dedicated to faith)
    10) people who aren't religious (the one who believe in God, but nothing more)
    11) atheist or agnostic or other irreligion
    12) friends who became minor/major celebrity
    13) otherwise rational friends (I know you don't think naming kid Kaydence is rational, but I am talking... rational in everything BUT names)
    14) otherwise irrational friends (I mean, in everything BUT names)
    15) the mom chose
    16) the dad chose
    17) parents where both parents have jobs
    18) parents where one doesn't have job or is going to quit job to take care of children
    19) parents who both don't have a job
    20) the ones you would describe as creative
    21) the ones you wouldn't describe as creative (in everything except names)
    22) young
    23) older
    24) successful
    25) unsuccessful
    26) lives in city
    27) lives in country
    28) lives in suburban area
    29) educated
    30) the ones who usually have fun
    31) the serious friends
    32) the nerds
    33) the ones that travel much
    34) foreigner
    35) someone else

    3)Do you have anything against unique spelllings?
    1) yes
    2) no
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