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  • Jack August

    9 8.04%
  • Jack Hawthorne

    49 43.75%
  • August James

    24 21.43%
  • August Hawthorne

    7 6.25%
  • August Henry

    23 20.54%
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    Thank you all for your comments and help!

    Ash- I have met a few little Jacks around- there has never been more than one in any class that my older daughter has been in. But when you look at the charts and you combine all the ways to get to Jack (John, Jackson, and variant spellings) I can't imagine that we won't meet multiple others with the same name. Doesn't bother my husband a bit, but obviously bothers me... But probably not enough not to use the name when we don't have many that we agree on. If I was naming this baby on my own, Jack would definitely not be my top choice...

    paw-thank you for the middle name suggestions. I really like Jack Wilder. My husband is debating it as an option...

    My husband and I just had another name conversation and he told me that although he doesn't like August Henry as a combination, he really likes Jack Henry. I ADORE the name Henry and it would positively be my top choice for this baby's first name if my husband would agree. But he won't use it as a first name. So- if we use Henry in the middle name spot, then I could sometimes maybe call him Henry? Or at least Jack Henry together sometimes... Or do I use Hawthorne as a middle because it is more special and has the nature connection that I want? Henry is getting more popular and maybe Jack Henry just doesn't have the same wow factor that Jack Hawthorne has?

    What do you think?

    Jack Henry (and then I get my favorite name in there) or
    Jack Hawthorne (more unique/great combo but I'm giving up Henry which I've been bugging my husband to use forever...)
    And the third option he said okay to although it's his least favorite- August James

    Any thoughts on this would be much appreciated. The more pressured for time I feel, the more indecisive I feel...

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    Jack Henry is sweet. Normally I don't like Henry, but it sounds great in that context.

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    I like August James. I think the nn AJ could be really cute. I feel like Jack is a bit overdone and boring.
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    Pick August Henry <3

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    I really love Jack Hawthorne and can't imagine anyone pronouncing it like bath! I also like August Henry and Jack Henry -- great choices. Good luck with the decision!
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