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  • Jack August

    9 8.04%
  • Jack Hawthorne

    49 43.75%
  • August James

    24 21.43%
  • August Hawthorne

    7 6.25%
  • August Henry

    23 20.54%
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    last post before baby is born

    This should be my last post before this baby is born... he should be here any day now. We are getting closer to narrowing down, but still not quite there. I was loving the combination of Jack Hawthorne, but since then I have encountered a few pronunciation issues with it and I am wondering if Jack August would be easier. I do love the name August and especially in the middle spot. (How would you pronounce the first syllable of Hawthorne- rhyming with the word moth or rhyming with the word bath?)
    My husband's first choice is positively Jack between these two and I might be leaning in the same direction. I don't know if I am quite brave enough to use August in the first name spot and I'm not sure it works as well as Jack does with our daughters' names, Sophie and Violet. I just worry about the popularity of Jack, especially combined with all the Jacksons out there. I would love to use Henry, Oliver, Samuel, Leo, or maybe Max for this baby, but my husband won't agree to any of them.
    Anyway, it has come down to either Jack or August... They feel SO different to me. One feels too common and the other maybe a little too out there for my naming style. But I need to pick one because that's all we have for our compromise names. My last poll was really helpful in pretty much eliminating the name Hudson from our options. So I'm hoping this will help too. Thank you!

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    I like Jack Hawthorne the best. I pronounce Hawthorne as ha-thorn. Ha as in "haha!"

    Second choice would be August Hawthorne.
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    I still like Jack Hawthorne best. I pronounce it with the soft "o" like moth. It had never occurred to me it would be pronouncing it differently!

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    Im pretty sure everyone pronounces it Haw-thorn not hay-thorn. I like the name!

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    Thanks everyone! All of you are pronouncing it the same way that I pronounce it but my husband's family pronounces it hath like it rhymes with bath, which I'm not a fan of....
    Any other middle name suggestions to go with Jack? I would like a nature name for the middle name spot if we name him Jack. I love the name River as a middle but it doesn't really work with Jack.... Any other ideas would be great. Thanks!

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