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    Go with Camellia Mary, and let the baby choose it's own nn. I had Helena first, with great fantasies of calling her 'Laney' but she was such a serious baby that it never suited her. Then I had Frederick, thinking it was a good, strong name, but he is such a chubby, little ball of smiles, that he has never been anything other than 'Freddie'. She could be Cam or Millie, but she could also be Camellia, Melly or Lia...or Mary!

    I also love Cecily and Zinna, and have a soft spot for Hero (love Shakespearean names), but feel like it would be tough to pull off.

    And it's 'vestal' virgins, so if you like Vesper, go for it.

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    Of these, I like Cecily Katherine best. You don't have to decide nicknames in advance. Wait and meet the child. Cecily might fit her perfectly, where Kit might not. Also, you can each call her by different nicknames - I saw your note by Camellia about Cam vs Millie.

    Frances Katherine "Franny"
    Cecily Katherine "Kit"
    Louisa Katherine "Lou"
    Genevieve Mary "Evie"
    Zinnia Katherine "Zinn"
    Greer Katherine
    Camellia Mary (I like Millie, he likes Cam...sigh).
    Piper Katherine

    Good luck!


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    Adah Katherine -- Alright
    Monroe Katherine -- Too masculine for my liking
    Sinclair Mary -- ditto
    Edith Katherine "Edie" -- Not my style but not terrible
    Sullivan Mary "Liv" -- Too masculine for my liking
    Frances Katherine "Franny" -- Not my style
    Lennon Mary -- Not my style
    Poppy Katherine -- Not my style
    Cecily Katherine "Kit" -- I like Cecily
    Afton Mary - Not my style, sounds too masculine
    Flannery Katherine -- Not my style
    Nerissa Mary -- Not terrible but I think "Nessie" as in the Loch Ness Monster
    Euphemia Mary "Effie" -- Not my style but okay
    Louisa Katherine "Lou" -- Alright
    Genevieve Mary "Evie"-- LOVE GENEVIEVE! Wouldn't pair with Mary, but that's not terrible, either.
    Maude Katherine "Maudie" -- Not my style
    Saffron Mary "Saffy" -- Not really my style but kinda interesting, I like the "n" ending and it's not too masculine, either imo
    Avocet Katherine -- The "cet" ending makes it look like an opiate drug brand name imo (Percocet is oxycodone in the U.S.)
    Zinnia Katherine "Zinn" -- Not my style
    Sparrow Katherine -- not my style
    Forsythia Mary -- Interesting. Will be pronunciation issues but I think I like it somewhat
    Greer Katherine -- Too much r, does not sound pretty to me
    Guthrie Katherine -- Not my style
    Camellia Mary (I like Millie, he likes Cam...sigh).--not my style but not terrible either
    Vesper Katherine -- Too odd and boyish sounding for my liking
    Rue Katherine -- Now that's a cute way to go unisex
    Piper Katherine -- Meh. I know others like it, though
    Romilly Katherine "Romy" or "Milly" -- Looks ugly, to be honest. Sorry.
    Lilac Mary -- To girly for my liking but okay
    Remedios Mary "Remy" -- Too odd, reminds me of "remedial reading/math"...not good
    Sweeney Katherine--Makes me think "Sweeney Todd"--No!
    Hero Katherine -- A bit much
    Alba Katherine -- Interesting, unique, alright
    Ophelia Katherine -- Okay, a classic of sorts

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    Vesper Katherine and Alba Katherine are my favorites.
    Most of the rest are not very appealing to me at all.
    Always changing...
    Alberta . Hester . Sigrid . Frida . Edwina . Margery . Noelle
    Fergus . Edgar . Gregor . Reuben . Angus . Lucius

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