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    I admit unisex/surname names aern't my style, especially on girls, but I'll try to be objective. I'll put an asterisk next to ones I really like.

    Monroe Katherine- good flow. I think of Marilyn Monroe
    Sinclair Mary- also flows well. I like that you used a classic, easily recognizable name in the middle
    Edith Katherine- nice, vintage. but many people will find it too old-lady
    Sullivan Mary- I know you like surname names, but this one seems clearly boy and not unisex. Liv is totally girl though- would you go for just Liv Mary? Olivia Mary/Marie or Lavinia Mary is nice too.
    Frances Katherine- Frances is sweet, demure, prim and proper. very British. I like that it was Princess Diana's middle name
    Lennon Mary- like John Lennon? I have a feeling you'll be asked that a lot. and I misread Lennon as "Lemon" at first
    Poppy Katherine- too nicknamey for my taste. Penelope Katherine nn Poppy?
    *Cecily Katherine- Cecily is very upper-class-British, familiar and recognizable but rare
    Afton Mary- same as Sullivan. and there isn't even an easy, girly nickname option
    *Nerissa Mary- love Nerissa! It's enchanting, alluring, dramatic and literary. Mary seems a bit dull next to it though- maybe Nerissa Marian?
    Euphemia Mary- Euphemia has a very unique and quirky charm, feminine but grounded. same problem as with Nerissa
    *Louisa Katherine- beautiful classic combo that any girl would wear well, with lots of great namesakes. I prefer Louisa Catherine though.
    Genevieve Mary- nice, pretty and wears well, but personally not a fan
    Maude Katherine- Maude is still a bit too old-lady for me, also I think of Miss Maudie, a cat in one of my favourite books as a little girl
    Saffron Mary- Saffron is a touch exotic and so spunky and fun. Saffron Maria would be lovely
    Avocet Katherine- this intrigues me, but I'm not sure how to pronounce Avocet. ahv-oh-set or ahv-oh-say? Avocet reminds me of "avocat", the French word for lawyer
    Zinnia Katherine- Zinnia is zippy (sorry, couldn't resist the alliteration), bouncy, girly and fun
    Sparrow Katherine- more feminine than most bird names, nice but nms
    Forsythia Mary- one of the few flower names I could never see as a name for some reason
    Greer Katherine- Greer has such a hard, slimy sound to me. maybe because of the "gr" which also starts the word "gross"?
    Guthrie Katherine- also sounds harsh and grating. I don't like this on a boy either
    *Camellia Mary- Camellia is really pretty and feminine! It has a Southern belle feel to me.
    *Vesper Katherine- vintage and buttoned-up but spunky as well
    Rue Katherine- I think of the word rue as in "rue the day", not suitable for a name at all
    Piper Katherine- cute, but might not age well
    Romilly Katherine- one of the few unisex names that skews feminine
    Lilac Mary- Lilac seems a bit cutesy to me, but Mary Lilac as a double first name would be lovely
    Remedios Mary- my first thoughts were "remedial" and "remedy"- not great things for your daughter's name to be associated with
    Sweeney Katherine- too cutesy and too close to the word sweetie
    Hero Katherine- I like this in theory, but may make the child seem a bit conceited
    Alba Katherine- like the exotic European flair and I like that it's a not-so-obvious place name
    *Ophelia Katherine- Ophelia is dramatic and stunning. not my favourite character personally though

    Are you dead set on using either Mary or Katherine in the middle? As I've suggested above, sometimes a variant will make the combo fresher and more interesting. Maria, Marian, Kathleen, Katarina, etc...
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    My three favorites:

    Cecily Katherine- love the nn Kit
    Ophelia Katherine- I love both Ophelia and Katherine (Catherine), so this is like name perfection.
    Zinnia Katherine- love the nn Zinn
    Zoe Milena and Lucas Emmanuel

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    Let me just start by saying I don't like most unisex names, and I really dislike boy names on girls. But I'll try to be open minded! And there are names on the list I really like, so stick with me.

    Monroe Katherine- Monroe, despite Mariah's use, still seems like a boy's name to me.
    Sinclair Mary- This is more a boy's name to me too.
    Edith Katherine "Edie"- Edith is my grandmother's name, and unfortunately, although I know it's coming back into fashion, it just says nothing but old lady to me.
    Sullivan Mary "Liv"- A boy's name.
    Frances Katherine "Franny"- Still just old ladyish to me.
    Lennon Mary- Legit boy's name, not cool on girls.
    Poppy Katherine- I like Poppy, but it's too nicknamey to stand alone, I think.
    Cecily Katherine "Kit"- Like a lot!
    Afton Mary- Boy's name
    Flannery Katherine- not my style, but I guess it can be usable.
    Nerissa Mary- I think the thing stopping me from loving this is the lack of an easy nickname, and also it reminds me of Narcissa, Draco Malfoy's mom in Harry Potter. Also Narcissus is not a nice character from mythology, though hardly the worst, and that's what I think of. (I also think Marie would be a better sound in the middle)
    Euphemia Mary "Effie"- I like it, not love. It's a big name for a little girl, and a lot formal for an adult.
    Louisa Katherine "Lou"- I like it a lot! Especially with that cute nn.
    Genevieve Mary "Evie" - Looooove. This name is actually on my own short list.
    Maude Katherine "Maudie" - A bit old ladyish.
    Saffron Mary "Saffy"- If you're adventurous enough, it can work. I think of Firefly, but there's also an actress named Saffron. I think it's starting to be used.
    Avocet Katherine- I wouldn't even know how to pronounce this. Aah-voh-set?
    Zinnia Katherine "Zinn"- There are nicer flower names… and I don't love that nickname on a girl.
    Sparrow Katherine- I suppose it can be a girl's name. But it's not one I'm really thrilled with on either sex.
    Forsythia Mary- Gosh, that's a lot of name! It would be a lot of explaining, I would think.
    Greer Katherine- I like it!
    Guthrie Katherine- Kinda rough sounding. If it's a hero name, I'd use it as a middle name on a boy.
    Camellia Mary (I like Millie, he likes Cam...sigh). - Pretty! Two nicknames isn't a problem, I don't think. Also, if you can agree on it, except for the nickname, that's something to think about, right?!
    Vesper Katherine- Not my style, personally. Also problematic with the Vesper Virgins, but it's getting used, I think.
    Rue Katherine- It's cute, but more of a nickname. It could be nickname for Romilly too.
    Piper Katherine- Cute!
    Romilly Katherine "Romy" or "Milly"- I like it!
    Lilac Mary- I like this one too!
    Remedios Mary "Remy"- Like another poster, I thought of "remedial" as well. There are other ways to Remy… like Romilly.
    Sweeney Katherine- Sweeney Todd is not a great role model for a child!
    Hero Katherine- I know it's a Shakespearean name, but I don't think most people know that. It's a strange choice, especially on a girl.
    Alba Katherine- I think most people would just think of Jessica.
    Ophelia Katherine- I love it.

    My favorites:
    Cecily Katherine
    Ophelia Katherine
    Louisa Katherine
    Genevieve Mary
    Greer Katherine
    Camellia Mary
    - current loves -
    Harriet - Flora - Violet - Clementine - Matilda - Wilhelmina - Josephine - Cordelia
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    You have amazing names on your list! She would be a lucky girl w any of these names. These names are the only ones I don't care for as much as the others remedio, Sullivan, afton and hero. Have you considered Catesby? I know a boy by this name named for his grandmothers last name and I always felt like it would be an amazing girls name. Harper is VERY popular where I live.

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    Quote Originally Posted by merylp View Post
    You have amazing names on your list! She would be a lucky girl w any of these names. These names are the only ones I don't care for as much as the others remedio, Sullivan, afton and hero. Have you considered Catesby? I know a boy by this name named for his grandmothers last name and I always felt like it would be an amazing girls name. Harper is VERY popular where I live.
    Ooo, I like Catesby! I would, I think, satisfy my husbands love of southern naturalists (Mark Catesby). We had Bertram/Bartram on the boy list for a while for William Bartram, another southern naturalist from the 18th century.

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