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    First and last name ending in n?

    My surname starts with P, ends with man, and is two syllables. We seem to be very drawn to first names that end in "n" and surnames as first names. I have been in love with the name Emerson for a boy for years despite it becoming popular for girls. The issue is that it ends in "son" and our last name ends in "man" and they both end in "n" which bothers me for some reason. Is this an awkward combo for a name? We have similar problems with the names Lincoln, Alden, Perrin, etc. Is it awkward to use these names as well because they end in the same letter our surname ends in?

    I guess we just want a nice flow. We have a few names that don't end in "n" and are not surnames for a boy, but we are having trouble finding names that we like that don't end in "n" or "son" What are some surname choices we could use as first names that do not end in "n" or son/man?
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