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    Be our focus group: Sarah Beth or Sarabeth?

    We love the name Sarah Beth/Sarabeth as a combination of our baby girl's grandmothers names, for it's nod to our southern roots, and because it audibly flows well with our rather hard to pronounce last name which rhymes with "ah-rowdy". But DH and I can't decide which way to spell it. Sarah Beth as a true double name seems to look better on paper with our last name, but we worry about setting our daughter up for a lifetime of having to correct her name on forms or just being called Sarah. Using Sarabeth as one word would prevent that, but we wonder if it might be mis-pronounced as "sa-RAY-beth"? For some reason, the one word version looks more confusing to read when followed by all the vowels in our last name.

    Will you weigh in with your opinion? We are truly torn and need some honest feedback. Oh, and middle name suggestions are more than welcome too. Thank you!

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    Have you considered hyphenating it as Sarah-Beth? I dont think it looks odd at all like this, plus the pronounciation is obvious. If you arent fond of that, i think Sarabeth would be fine, and I doubt most people would have trouble with that.

    Sarah is one of my favorite names and I love its meaning.

    Some middle name options:
    Sarah-Beth Marie
    Sarah-Beth Anneliese
    Sarah-Beth Olivia
    Sarah-Beth Coralie
    Sarah-Beth Catherine
    Sarah-Beth Lillian
    Sarah-Beth Gracelyn
    Sarah Beth Jeanine
    Sarah-Beth Eliana
    Sarah-Beth Alexandria
    Sarah-Beth Emmeline
    Sarah-Beth Amelia
    Sarah-Beth Eleanora

    I think a middle name with three or more syllables would flow nicely, since Sarah and Beth are both shorter names.

    Best of luck, and Welcome to nameberry
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    I too love Sarah-Beth and would use the hyphened version.
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    I think the hyphen works best. Sarah Beth is also great, though there is more of a chance that the Beth could be dropped. Sarabeth is too much for me. It's less intuitive, the eye stumbles over it, I feel like hearing "Sarah Beth" I would never be inclined to write it out as all one word without prompting.

    As for a middle, Sarah Beth could work with most anything. It's so classic and sweet. You could add a note of something more modern, something with more dramatic flair, or you could stick with something with a similar homespun sweetness like Ruby, Susanne, ect.

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    I'm a traditionalist so I'd favor Sarah Elizabeth with the nn Sarah Beth. If that isn't an option I'd go with Sarah Beth.
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