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Thread: Rowan

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    I love both Rowen Annabelle and Rowen Analeigh/Annalee! Very pretty and I love the meaning behind Rowen for you and your husband.
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    I'm glad to see Rowan Annabelle getting some love! I will run Annalee by DH and see about adding that to the list as well.

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    I think Rowan Annabel is very light and crisp sounding! I slightly prefer that spelling. Another beautiful name option is Anneliese... I don't know if Rowan Anneliese is too much, but I think Anneliese is a gorgeous name.

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    Personally I feel Rowan is more of a boys name. I've only ever met male Rowans and I can't see it on a girl. Mind you, things might be different over where you live
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    I love Rowan I think it is such a lovely name. Rowan is whimsical and spunky but the nature quality of it keeps it firmly grounded. I absolutely adore Rowan Annabelle I think it is a beautiful way to incorporate a family name while giving her something that is just for her. I do slightly prefer the Annabel spelling because I feel it is a bit fresher and more simplistic rather than feminine and frilly like Annabelle but I love the sound either way. Good luck
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