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    Middle Name for Davis

    Please excuse the length of this thread! We are days away from welcoming Baby Boy #2 into the world and STILL don't have a middle name. His first name will be Davis, after the building where my husband & I met. We would like for his middle name to come from my side of the family, as our older son's came from my husband's. Big Brother's name is Hudson Alexander. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated!!


    JOHN - My Grandfather's name, but SO common...we also have 2 Uncle Johns & an Uncle and cousin with the middle name John!!

    ANTHONY - My Grandfather's middle name...but neither of us are crazy about it.

    JOHN-ANTHONY - Using it as one name...middle initial would be 'J'. This is currently my husband's favorite, but I'm just not convinced that I want him to have either 2 names or a hyphenated name.

    ANDREW - My Great Grandfather & Great Uncle's name...also very Pittsburgh (my hometown) heavy...Andrew Carnegie, Warhol, Mellon, etc.

    WILLIAM - My Dad & Brother's middle names, but also the first name of my cousin's husband & son (although they both go by their middle names)

    GEORGE - My Great-Grandfather, Grandfather, Dad, Brother & Nephew's first name. However, my nephew, who is 6, goes by his middle name.


    SHEA - As in Shea Stadium, my husband is a Mets fan BUT this is also a sir name of a relative...(we have been given approval to use)

    ASH, ASHTON, ASHFORD - Ashamed to say, it's because my husband's favorite movie is Evil Dead...Asher was eliminated because our last name ends in 'ERS'

    PENN - As in Pennsylvania...My husband had Penelope on our girl list for the same reason...but he's not crazy about it. I think it's super cute...but slightly ashamed to say that I 'thought' of it when I saw it in the PBK's catalogue.

    HUSBAND'S FAMILY NAMES (but again, kind of steering clear of...)

    CHRISTOPHER - Older Brother's first name

    - Grandfather's middle name

    - Great-Grandfather's name

    CHADWELL - Mom's maiden name

    WHEW!!! I think those are all of the options that we've discussed. Again, any & all feedback is greatly appreciated. Please take into consideration both the "flow" of the name AND the meaning behind it.

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    I like Davis Ashton and Davis William. I also like Davis Anthony, but if neither of you particularly like that name, I'd scratch it.

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    Depends on your surname, but I like Davis John, Davis Andrew, Davis George, Davis Penn, Davis Charles, and Davis Christopher. If your surname ends in 'ers', though Christopher and Charles may not work as well.
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    I like:

    Davis John
    Davis Anthony
    Davis Andrew
    Davis George
    Davis Ashton/Ashford (Ash seems too short with it)
    Davis Penn
    Davis Christopher
    Davis Allerton

    Favorite is Davis Ashford. Sounds very neat and gentlemanly!
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