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    Last name ending interfering with first name choices?

    Our last name begins with a P, ends in man, and is two syllables. It's difficult to tell whether a lot of the first names I like go with our last name:

    Emerson- I've loved this name for a boy for the longest time despite its growing popularity for girls. To me it's very masculine sounding. The problems I see with it are that one name ends in "son" and the other in "man" I feel like it's kind of clunky. Our surname is very surname if that makes any sense. It would really does not work as a first name, like Thomas might for example. I wonder if two surnames is too much? I'm also unsure of having a first name and last name that end in "n."

    I have all of the above problems with Anderson, though I don't like it as much as Emerson. We also have the "n" problem with other names we like Alden, Lincoln, Perrin, etc. It's frustrating because we seem to be drawn to a lot of names, girl or boy, that end in "n" or are surnames, and though we have a few names without these iffy issues, there aren't a lot we've found.

    Are any of these first name choices deal breakers because of our surname, or is it not something we should be concerned over?

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    I would say that Emerson and Anderson with a "man" last name is a little much. I wouldn't really worry about names that just end in "n." They might not have quite as good flow as other choices, but if they're your favorites I don't think it's a big enough deal to disqualify them.

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