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    I have a soft spot for Eloise because of the children's book series by Kay Thompson. I think it's sweet, but still a bit spunky! I much prefer it to Amelia.

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    How about Eloisa Joy or Eloisa Joyce? I think the extra syllable eliminates some of the flow issues of Eloise, but still is a tribute to grandma and offers the same nickname possibilities.

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    I think you should go with Eloise to break the A boundary [or people will think that is on purpose] Amelia is also really popular [I'm not sure what your views are on popularity] Eloise Amelia Joy would be AMAZING. I put Amelia in as a first middle because Eloise Joy doesn't sound quite right. So my suggestion:

    Eloise Amelia Joy

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    Thanks! This gives us something to think about!

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    Amelia, without a doubt. Amelia Joy is sounds much nicer than Eloise Joy.

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