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    Eloise or Amelia?

    These are our top two contenders!

    Eloise (DH's grandma's name is Louise) is DH's favorite. I like the possibility of nicknames, but a classic name. I sometimes think it may be a mouthful? Maybe I'm reading into it too much? I do think it is a nice name, but I get a LOT Of negativity from it and have yet to meet anyone in real life who says that they really like it.

    Amelia is our other choice. I think it's a nice classic as well, but gaining popularity. I know a few baby Amelia's so it seems to be very popular in our area.

    Middle name will be Joyce or Joy after my grandmother.

    Our other kids are Ava Mackenzie (7) and Asher Davis (2). They both happened to end up with A names. Ava was named after my great-grandmother, Eva. I liked the meaning behind Asher's name. I don't feel like I have to stick with an A name.

    I'm open to other suggestions as well!

    I LOVE Violet - vetoed by DH. We've thought about Alice (we like it, but neither is sold on it as 'the one').

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