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    Theodora Juniper?

    Does it work with the other two?

    Helena Valentine
    Gloria Bernadette
    Theodora Juniper

    Hoping I've finally found a winner...
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    Theodora Juniper is lovely! And I think it's fab with Helena. I am a bit worried about Gloria and Theodora as sisters, though--they share quite a few similar sounds (the strong "O"s and "R"s and "A"s, with the emphasis on the "Or" part for each name...). Still a lovely name, though, and if you use a nn (particularly something along the lines of Thea or Teddy over Dora) I do think it could be usable with Gloria, as well.
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    I love it. I don't usually like Juniper, but it sounds really great with Theodora.

    I think Theodora sounds great with the others. Gloria does share sounds, but that doesn't bother me. ^_^ -- My Amazon Author Page

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    I like Theodora Juniper, and I think it pairs well with the other names. Winner.
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    I'd switch them. Juniper is such a bright, fun name, and Theodora is so austere and heavy. Juniper Theodora is delightful.

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