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    Details of Ciana?

    I can't find this name in regular or super search. I came across it today. How is it pronounced, what's the origin, and what's the meaning? Also I have a feeling the original spelling is with two n's, but I've only seen it with one so far.
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    Cian (KEEN or KEE-an) is an Irish Gaelic name that means "ancient."
    Ciara (KEER-a) is an Irish name that means "black."

    Those are the closest names I found when I looked.
    Good luck

    Btw, Cian is a male name.
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    This the name of a family member of mine who is about 2. Her father says it means "chosen by god" or something like that. When she was born I asked for the specific pronunciation but he didn't give it. I call her Ce-ON-ah like giana. I have heard other family members pronounce it more like Sienna.

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