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    Clara: Clara Barton

    Genevieve: after the saint.

    Pollyanna: from the book Pollyanna

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    Malala. I think Malala Yousafzai is a marvelous role model for girls and Malala is a pretty name. Molly would be a cute nickname.
    Zelda. Zelda Fitzgerald holds a lot of fascination for me.
    Minerva. Roman goddess of wisdom. Minnie or Mae are nice nicknames.
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    Clara- I Thought Clara Barton was the coolest historical character growing up and read the book we had about her several times and did a report on her in highschool

    Cecilia- One of my favorite saints growing up.

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    I always thought Joan had a lot of great & strong associations- The Saint, Didion, Jett, ect.

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    I can only think of one actual woman I'd want to name a child after (besides family): Gladys Aylward. She was a missionary to China in the 1940s, rescued/adopted over 100 children, and she's just all around amazing. Much as I want to like the idea of just Gladys as it is, especially with my Welsh roots, I just can't get behind it. I would probably opt for the Roman original: Claudia. I think Claudia's gorgeous.

    I could get behind these literary namesakes, as well:

    Lucy/Susan Pevensie (I'm not terribly fond of either name, but I love the idea of Lucy Susanna/Susanna Lucy for the Pevensie girls)
    Olivia/Viola/Emilia (Shakespearean heroines!)
    Gwendolyn/Cecily (ugh, they were so flighty and dumb, lol, but The Importance of Being Earnest is a great play)

    And maybe Penelope. But it takes a lot for me to get behind a Greek mythology name. I do really love the name, though, and how devoted she was to Odysseus.
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