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    The Fowler's

    DH: Timothy Jerome Fowler
    DW: Anna Kathleen {Morris} Fowler

    DS: Emmett Lee Fowler
    - Personality: Artistic & implusive
    - Favorite childhood toy: Legos
    - Favorite teenage interest: Acting
    - Majors in English, works as a journalist

    DS: Kyle Flynn Fowler
    - Personality: Bossy & sociable
    - Favorite childhood toy: Puzzles
    - Favorite teenage interest: Tennis
    - Majors in Political Science, works as a lawyer

    DS: Tristan Maverick Fowler [Tyler's twin]
    - Personality: Anxious & hardworking
    - Favorite childhood toy: Legos
    - Favorite teenage interest: Bike riding
    - Majors in Business, works as a financial planner

    DS: Tyler Douglas Fowler [Tristan's twin]
    - Personality: Affectionate & stubborn
    - Favorite childhood toy: Play-doh
    - Favorite teenage interest: Soccer
    - Majors in Education, works as a grade school teacher

    DD: Alexis Josephine Fowler
    - Personality: Introverted & dependable
    - Favorite childhood toy: Stuffed giraffe
    - Favorite teenage interest: Running
    - Majors in Education, works as a tour guide

    DS: Jude Pace Fowler
    - Personality: Bossy & sociable
    - Favorite childhood toy: Cars
    - Favorite teenage interest: Photography
    - Majors in Psychology, works as a social worker

    DD: Allison Madeleine Fowler
    - Personality: Introverted & dependable
    - Favorite childhood toy: Stuffed turtle
    - Favorite teenage interest: Soccer
    - Majors in Criminal Justice, works as a detective

    DD: Blake Genevieve Fowler [Brooke's twin]
    - Personality: Bossy & sociable
    - Favorite childhood toy: Crayons
    - Favorite teenage interest: Running
    - Majors in Political Science, works as a politician

    DD: Brooke Matilda Fowler [Blake's twin]
    - Personality: Anxious & hardworking
    - Favorite childhood toy: Kitchen
    - Favorite teenage interest: Basketball
    - Majors in Education, works as a grade school teacher

    DS: Elliot Henry Fowler
    - Personality: Boring & sympathetic
    - Favorite childhood toy: Play-doh
    - Favorite teenage interest: Computer games
    - Majors in Engineering, works as a research scientist

    DS: Noah Sebastian Fowler
    - Personality: Artistic & implusive
    - Favorite childhood toy: Basketball
    - Favorite teenage interest: Basketball
    - Majors in Political Science, works as a lawyer

    DD: Jordyn Mackenzie Fowler
    - Personality: Anxious & hardworking
    - Favorite childhood toy: Doll house
    - Favorite teenage interest: Cheerleading
    - Majors in Nursing, works as an ER nurse

    * * *

    DH: {73} Timothy Jerome Fowler "Tim"
    DW: {68} Anna Kathleen {Morris} Fowler

    DS: {46} Emmett Lee Fowler
    - DW: {43} Camille Naomi {Higgins} Fowler
    - DS: {11} Oliver Lawrence Fowler "Ollie"
    - DD: {10} Veronica Mary Fowler "Vera"
    - DD: {7} Lucille Adele Fowler "Luci"
    - DD: {3} Cecilia Louise Fowler "Ceci"

    DS: {44} Kyle Flynn Fowler, Sr.
    - DW: {43} Rebecca Shirley {Hunt} Fowler "Becky"
    - DD: {14} Jenna Sydney Fowler [Kyle's twin]
    - DS: {14} Kyle Flynn Fowler, Jr. [Jenna's twin]

    DS: {43} Tristan Maverick Fowler [Tyler's twin]
    - DW: {42} Layla Vivienne {Thornton} Fowler
    - DS: {17} Colton Russell Fowler "Colt"
    - DS: {15} Ryan James Fowler "RJ"
    - DD: {14} Sophie Marian Fowler
    - DS: {11} Carson Nicholas Fowler
    - DS: {9} Bryce Harrison Fowler
    - DD: {6} Kiera Frances Fowler

    DS: {40} Tyler Douglas Fowler [Tristan's twin]
    - DW: {36} Sabrina Claire {Reid} Fowler
    - DS: {5 months}Travis Malachi Fowler [J, L, & I's quad]
    - DS: {5 months} Julian Gage Fowler [T, L, & I's quad]
    - DD: {5 months} Lydia Gwendolyn Fowler [T, J, & I's quad]
    - DD: {5 months} Isabelle Charlotte Fowler [T, J, & L's quad]

    DD: {39} Alexis Josephine {Fowler} McGuire
    - DH: {44} Josiah Matthew McGuire
    - DS: {13} Pierce Robert McGuire
    - DD: {7} Chloe Jane McGuire
    - DD: {4} Fiona Caroline McGuire

    DS: {37} Jude Pace Fowler
    - DW: {36} Jennifer Marie {Goodman} Fowler
    - DS: {8} Joel Christopher Fowler
    - DS: {6} Joshua Wesley Fowler "Josh"
    - DS: {5} Jonathan Trent Fowler "JT"
    - DD: {3} Jocelyn Hannah Fowler
    - DS: {1} Jesse Patrick Fowler

    DD: {36} Allison Madeleine {Fowler} Shaw "Allie"
    - DH: {38} Lucas Connor Fowler "Luke"
    - DS: {5} Brody Ronald Fowler [C, A, D, & L's quint]
    - DS: {5} Caleb William Fowler [B, A, D, & L's quint]
    - DD: {5} Aria Katelyn Fowler [B, C, D, & L's quint]
    - DS: {5} Dalton Reid Fowler [B, C, A, & L's quint]
    - DD: {5} Lauren Avery Fowler [B, C, A, D's quint]

    DD: {34} Blake Genevieve {Fowler} Ramos [Brooke's twin]
    - DH: {36} Marco David Ramos

    DD: {34} Brooke Matilda {Fowler} Floyd [Blake's twin]
    - DH: {35} Felix Gabriel Floyd
    - DS: {8} Wyatt Eugene Floyd
    - DS: {5} Gideon Dominic Floyd
    - DD: {3} Grace Evelyn Floyd

    DS: {33} Elliot Henry Fowler
    - DW: {28} Sara Therese {Collier} Fowler
    - DS: {2} Samuel Adrian Fowler "Sam"
    - DD: {nb} Natalie Katherine Fowler

    DS: {31} Noah Sebastian Fowler
    - DW: {30} Rachel Samantha {Hansen} Fowler
    - DS: {10} Gavin Anthony Fowler
    - DS: {9} Sean Cooper Fowler
    - DS: {7} Isaiah Brian Fowler
    - DD: {5} Audrey Vanessa Fowler
    - DD: {3} Addyson Gail Fowler "Addy"
    - DS: {exp} Eric Benjamin Fowler

    DD: {29} Jordyn Mackenzie {Fowler} Malone
    - DH: {30} Jacob Roland Malone
    - DD: {3} Hilary Paige Malone
    - DD: {1} Haylie Alexandra Malone
    - DD: {nb} Heidi Elizabeth Malone
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    ‣ 26, bostonian, psychology student •
    ‣ inspiring mental health professional •
    ‣ names, books, musicals, soccer, languages, & travel •

    ♀ potential little ladies:
    lauren elizabeth⎰sophie jane⎰grace audrey
    camden willow⎰elena maeve⎰lilia adele

    ♂potential little men:
    alexander david⎰nathaniel isaiah⎰lincoln joseph
    archer william⎰kieran louis⎰madison gage

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    DH: Arthur Hugo
    DW: Vivian Andrea

    DS: Blake Alonzo, anxious and hardworking, puzzles, basketball, majors in English to become an editor
    Married to Kelly Marie Reagan
    -James Logan
    -William Shea
    -Thomas Malcolm

    DS: Ryan Dexter, affectionate and stubborn, puzzles, basketball, majors in education to become a college professor
    Married to Francesca Maria di Napoli

    DS: Aidan Barnaby, bossy and sociable, drums, soccer, majors in communications to become a PR manager
    Married to Alexandra Lucas
    -Aisling Maeve
    -Andrew Cormac

    DD: Morgan Audrey, boring and sympathetic, crayons/markers/paints, soccer, majors in political science to become a lawyer
    Unmarried, boyfriend Spencer Frances Jareau
    -Lucy Peyton
    Dylan Reese Kieran Lennox Owen
    Avery Quinn Delaney Sloane Lennon

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    LN: Murphy

    DH: Daniel George, 39, lawyer
    DW: Kate Elizabeth, 40, journalist

    They live in Seattle, WA

    DS: Elliott Chance, 12
    Affectionate and stubborn
    Action figures, running, majors in criminal justice, works as a police officer.
    He doesn't get married.

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    LN: Waters
    DH: Augustus James 'Auggie'
    DW: Eleanor Sage 'Nell'

    DS: Jude Ryan- bossy & sociable; loved blocks & legos as a child; loved computer games a a teen; doesn't go to college. Works in the military. Marries, with 6 children.
    DS: Noah Christian- anxious & hardworking; loved his stuffed beaver as a child; loved dance as a teen; majors in Computer Science. Works as a software engineer. Marries, with 2 children.
    DD/DD: Payton Amabel- affectionate & stubborn; loved her crayons, paint and markers as a child; loved film as a teen; majors in Psychology. Works as a social worker. Marries, with 9 children.
    Tristan Aria- artistic & impulsive; loved her dolls as a child; loved soccer as a teen; majors in Business. Works as a financial planner. Marries, with no children.
    Hannah, 17. Teenberry, story writer, story reader, Slytherin, human rights activist, and name nerd since 10.

    Current Fictional Character: Deveraux Culpepper

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    West Midlands, UK
    H: William Xavier Reed
    W: Myra Alethea Tate

    D: Brooke Onyx Reed - Brooke has always been the sympathetic child, eager to help when someone has an internal problem, however she had her feet firmly on the ground and never liked to step out of her comfort zone, leading her to have the label "boring". As a child Brooke loved puzzles, and would spend hours doing them, in her teen years she became a cheerleader at her school, and although she enjoyed it a lot she always kept to the background. It was inevibtible really that Brooke would major is Psychology - she did so easily - and now works as an educational counsellor for children aged between 9-16. Brooke married when she was 25 and has two children; Tennyson and Theo.
    S: Finn Phoenix Reed - As the oldest boy Finn took on a lot of responsibility, he has always been dependable no matter what, however Finn finds it difficult to express his feelings and thus became seriously introverted. As a child Finn liked reading, mostly non-fiction, he loved fact books. In his teen years Finn began playing basketball, it opened his shell slightly and the sport did wonders for him socially. Finn chose against going to college which we fully supported him doing, instead he joined the military. In his early 20's Finn met somebody who finally understood him, he married her and they have two children together; Alexandra and Atticus.
    D: Peyton Scout Reed - Peyton is a law upon herself, she has artistic flair which surfaced early on in her childhood and has always taken decision impulsively without thinking first, which at gotten us called into the principle's office on numerous occasions. In her childhood Peyton loved the game Pictionary, and would drive us mad with it every weekend. As she got older Peyton turned to basketball and would play it with Finn, despite being completely different people. With her strong sense of right and wrong, Peyton majored in Criminal Justice and works as a police officer around beging a single mum. Peyton hasn't found the right person for her as yet, but she has a gorgeous daughter called Arianna, from her pregnancy as a teenager.
    S: Camden Tobias Reed - Cam is hardworking, always has been, but his high expectations of himself led to an early diagnoses of anxiety which he suffered with for a lot of his early life. As a child Cam had a garage and car set which he would be glued to most of the time, as with his sporting older siblings, Cam got into baseball aged 11 and played it throughout high school. Cam's own struggle with his mental health urged him to pursue a career in psychology, he now works as a teenage therapist. Cam's anxiety makes it difficult for him to trust and love, he hasn't found somebody who he can settle down with yet.
    S: Hudson Caleb Reed - Looking up to his big brother Finn, Hudson is quietly confident, very dependable and will help whenever possible. He's not as severely introverted as Finn but enjoys his own company and doesn't like loud or crowded spaces. Hudson loved the game Hangman - he always won - and just like Finn, began to play basketball when he was a teenager, taking tips from his big brother and Peyton. Like Peyton, Hudson has a strong sense of justice, he majored in Political Science and is fighting the good fight as a politician, trying to save the world for the better. He's recently married, and has four beautiful children; Atticus, Lewis, Adelaide, and Devon.
    S: Evan Ray Reed - Like Hudson and Finn, Evan is dependable and can always be relied on, he had a lot of responsibility in school because of this trait recognised in him. Evan likes to spend time with himself, he's not fussed about his social life and never has been. As a child his favourite thing to do was draw or paint, which he would do for hours alone in the dining room. In his teenage years Evan found that he had a passion for acting, and was involved in a lot of performances both in school and in the community. It wasn't until his last year of high school that Evan considered acting as a full time occupation, he majored in Communications and is working successfully on stage and screen. He married young, whilst in college, and has fathered three children; Mary, Edith, and Eugene.
    S: Carter Sebastian Reed - Pushing himself to his limits, Carter is hardworking in a different way to anxious big brother Cam, he is confident of his achievements and can sometimes come across as cocky. Carter loves his stuffed animals as a child, his favourite was a horse named buck; as a teenager Carter worked hard to become amazing at tennis, a sport that he played well in minor leagues for most of his late childhood and adolescence. Psychology was something that Carter had never considered until two of his big brothers majored in it, he too took the chance and studied it at college, becoming a sport therapist once finished. Carter, although having a string of girlfriends, hasn't settled down yet.
    D: Addison Vivienne Reed - Addie is the lovable rogue. She loved cuddles with everybody in the family and was a very affectionate child. But she is stubborn as a mule. When Addie wants to do something, she does it. Addie wants to get something, she gets it. And there's no stopping her. For some strange reason Addie loved to play with bouncy balls, maybe because there were quite a few lying around with her older siblings' interests, but those were her chosen love. In high school Addie started a hobby in film, she was behind the scenes and the camera, doing what she wanted to do. Addie majored in Political Science - something that the entire family never imagined for her - she's still in training to be an FBI Agent. To say the family is surprised is an understatement. Addie is married to a lovely man, and they have two young children; Isis and Juno.
    D/S: Kimberly Rose and Quinn Eugene Reed - Kim is sympathetic, and always lent an ear to all of her big siblings, she likes things in straight lines and is called "boring" by some but the family love her caring side. As a child Kim liked to build walls and straight things with blocks and Lego. In her teenage years Kim, like a few of her siblings, took up basketball, which she loved very much. Kim tried college but ended up dropping out when she became pregnant, she then went into the retail industry and works part time around caring alongside her husband for their three children; Henrietta, Luna, Elijah.
    - Quinn is hardworking because success never came easy for him, a few times he became anxious, but Cam helped him through it and Quinn is content with his boundaries. Quinn liked games with his stuffed animals, a favourite being his golden bear, as a teenager he got into film, like Addie, and did a lot of work creating scenes and scripts for school productions. Quinn majored in Computing Science and has recently began a career as a software developer. He isn't yet married.
    Britberry * Trainee Teacher
    Octavia ~ James-Joseph~ Sapphire~ Clark

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