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    dice caf

    LN: Your choice.

    DH: Your choice.
    DW: Your choice.
    Feel free to add anything else (age, job, location, etc) to the parents.

    Roll the dice for how many pregnancies you have.

    Roll for each gender:
    1, 3, 5, 7, 9: Boy
    2, 4, 6, 8: Girl
    10, 11, 12: Twins (Roll again: 1-4: Boys 5-8: Girls 9-12: Boy/Girl)

    If you want, roll the dice for the ages. (roll again if you get the same age)
    This age would just be at one point in time seeing as how the future is decided below.

    FNs are my favorite 'unisex' names. (All taken from Unisex Names | not necessarily me calling them unisex) -Feel free to change spelling!

    Addison, Aiden, Alexis, Allison, Andrea, Ariel, Ash, Avery, Bailey, Blake, Brayden, Brooke, Brooklyn, Bryce, Camden, Cameron, Carter, Charlie, Chelsea, Cody, Dean, Delaney, Dexter, Douglas, Drew, Dylan, Elliot, Emmett, Evan, Finn, Flynn, Hudson, Hunter, Jesse, Jordyn, Jude, Kennedy, Kenzie, Kimberly, Kyle, Lee, Logan, Lynn, Mackenzie, Madison, Mason, Max, Monroe, Morgan, Noah, Noelle/Noel, Owen, Parker, Peyton, Piper, Quinn, Raine, Ray/Rae, Ren, Riley, Rory, Ryan, Sawyer, Seth, Shay, Skye, Schyler, Taylor, Tristan, Tyler, Vivian, Zoe/Zoey

    Roll the dice for MNs. (Twins can have middle names from the same category or different. Your choice)
    1 or 7: Trendy Boy Names or Trendy Girl Names
    2 or 8: Cool Middle Names
    3 or 9: Antique Baby Names
    4 or 10: Word Names
    5 or 11: Yupster Names for Boys or Yupster Names for Girls
    6 or 12: Use the FN namebank

    Roll the dice for each child to get their personality.
    1 or 12: Affectionate and Stubborn
    2 or 11: Introverted and Dependable
    3 or 10: Bossy and Sociable
    4 or 9: Artistic and Impulsive
    5 or 8: Anxious and Hardworking
    6 or 7: Boring and Sympathetic

    Roll the dice for each child to get their favorite childhood toy.
    1: Blocks/Legos
    2: Barbie/Action figure
    3: Kitchen
    4: Crayons/Markers/Paint
    5: Doll House/Cars
    6: Toy Instrument (which? guitar, drums, recorder, etc?)
    7: Ball (what kind? bouncy, basket, soccer, etc?)
    8: Stuffed animal (of what? dog, cat, bear, etc?)
    9: Puzzle
    10: Play-Doh
    11: Board Game (which?)
    12: Your choice.

    Roll the dice for each child to get their favorite teenage interest.
    1: Running
    2: Tennis
    3: Film
    4: Football/Cheerleading
    5: Computer Games
    6: Basketball
    7: Soccer
    8: Photography
    9: Bike Riding
    10: Dance/Singing/Acting
    11: Baseball/Softball
    12: Your choice.

    Roll the dice for each child to get their major in college/future career.
    1: Majors in Nursing. Works as a(n) pediatric nurse/ER nurse/rehabilitation nurse.
    2: Majors in Psychology. Works as a social worker/school psychologist/therapist.
    3: Majors in English. Works as a(n) librarian/journalist/editor.
    4: Majors in Criminal Justice. Works as a detective/police officer/body guard.
    5: Majors in Education. Works as a college professor/tour guide/grade school teacher.
    6: Doesn't go to college/drops out. Works as a singer/in the retail industry/in the military.
    7: Majors in Communications. Works as a(n) reporter/public relations manager/actor.
    8: Majors in Engineering. Works as a(n) civil engineer/architect/research scientist.
    9: Majors in Political Science. Works as a lawyer/politician/FBI Agent.
    10: Majors in Business. Works as a(n) accountant/financial planner/insurance agent.
    11: Majors in Computer Science. Works as a computer programmer/software engineer/web developer.
    12: Your choice.

    For each child roll the dice for their family life.
    Even: They get married.
    Odd: They don't get married.

    Roll again. If they aren't married you don't have to do this part, but you can if you want.
    1, 4, 9, 11: They have an even number of kids. You choose how many.
    2, 6, 8, 10: They have an odd number of kids. You choose how many.
    3, 5: They have one set of large scale multiples, Triplets-Sextuplets.
    7, 12: They have no kids.
    You can choose genders and names for their kids if you want.

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    Sep 2011
    LN: McCabe

    DH: Noah Peter
    DW: Willa Mae

    Emmett Kai - Anxious and Hardworking, Cars, Football, Majors in Communications. Works as an actor.
    - Elizabeth Jade *EJ*
    -- Solomon Jude *Solo* & Serefin Jake *Finn* & Sojourner Kate *Journey* & Susannah Kim *Sunny*
    Owen Arrow - Artistic and Impulsive, Legos, Running, Majors in Criminal Justice. Works as a detective. They don't get married.
    -- Antonia Mae *Annie*
    -- Cecelia Jean *Cece*

    Noah & Willa with Emmett, and Owen
    Emmett & EJ with Solo, Finn, Journey, and Sunny
    Owen with Annie, and Cece
    Ansel Paladin, Augustus Oak, Christian Laszlo, Elliot Nile, Etienne Rhodes, Ford Remington, Julian Denali, Otto River, Ronan Jeffrey, Theodore Rune
    Esmae Sakura, Evangeline Coral, Hazel Amity, Heidi Snow, Hermione Mabel, Linnea Valkyrie, Oona Bliss, Phoebe Calla, Scarlet Peace, Thisbe Margaret

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    Oct 2012
    Ohio USA
    DH: Charles Edward Abbott
    DW: Laura Nicole Abbott

    DS: Blake Sawyer Abbott
    Personality: Affectionate and Stubborn
    Favorite Childhood Toy: Crayons/Markers/Paint
    Favorite Teenage Interest: Football
    Major/career: Doesn't go to college/joins the military
    Not Married

    DD: Taylor Cadence Abbott
    Personality: Bossy and Sociable
    Favorite Childhood Toy: Blocks/Legos
    Favorite Teenage Interest: Film
    Major/career: Majors in Nursing. Works as a pediatric nurse
    Married with five children
    DH: William Nathaniel Gardiner
    DD: Cressida Vita Gardiner
    DS/DD: Phineas Serge Gardiner/Persephone Maud Gardiner
    DS: Thackeray Otis Gardiner
    DD: Eliora Ida Gardiner

    DD: Delaney Violet Abbott
    Personality: Boring and Sympathetic
    Favorite Childhood Toy: Barbies
    Favorite Teenage Interest: Computer Games
    Major/career: Majors in Criminal Justice. Works as a police officer
    Married with four children
    DH: Thomas Patrick Seymour
    DD: Rhapsody Bell Seymour
    DS: Reed Alto Seymour
    DS: Rock Jazz Seymour
    DD: Raga Aria Seymour

    DD: Kennedy Holiday Abbott
    Personality: Artistic and Impulsive
    Favorite childhood toy: Kitchen
    Favorite Teenage Interest: Basketball
    Major/career: Majors in English. Works as journalist
    Not Married

    Favorite names:
    Arabella Primrose,Charlotte Madeline,
    Atticus Fletcher, Tobias Jackson

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    Mar 2011
    LN: James

    DH: Hugh Edward (71)
    DW: Clementine Anna (69)

    DD: Aurelia Rae (45), artistic and impulsive, majors in Communications, works as an actress

    DD: Francesca Delaney (44), affectionate and stubborn, majors in Education, works as a college professor
    -DH: Henry Mark Morris (46)

    DD: India Vivian (42), bossy and sociable, majors in English, works as an editor
    -DH: Padraig Sullivan (43)
    --DS: James Patrick Sullivan (12)
    --DS: Cormac Hugh Sullivan (11)
    --DD/DD: Anna Clodagh Sullivan (7) & Erin India Sullivan (7)

    DD: Lucia Chelsea (40), introverted and dependable, majors in Nursing, works as a pediatric nurse
    -DH: Douglas Scott Miller (40)
    --DS: Atticus Hugh Miller (10)

    DD: Camilla Monroe (38), bossy and sociable, majors in Political Science, works as a lawyer
    -DH: Philip John Carter (44)
    --DD: Clementina Camilla CarterCece” (8)
    --DD: Philippa Monroe CarterPippa” (7)
    --DD: Arabella Jane Carter “Bells” (6)

    DS: Hugh Edward, Jr. (35), introverted and dependable, majors in Business, works as an accountant
    -DW: Rachel Susannah (nee Klein) (35)
    --DD: Lily Rebecca James (6)
    --DS: Hugh Edward James III (2)
    Current Favorites:

    Sophie * Margaret * Pippa * Eleanor * Annabel * Zara * Fife * Ailsa * Aurelia * Mae
    Grant * Samuel * Everett * Andrew * Graham * River * Frederick * Gatsby * Alasdair * Jude

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    Jan 2010
    LN: Burnette

    DH: James William [67]
    DW: Linda Elaine [65]

    Jim and Linda Burnette
    Ryan, Cody, Chelsea, Dylan, Logan, Mason
    Avery, Hudson, Mackenzie and Zoey

    Birth One
    DS: Ryan Atticus [44]
    -anxious and hardworking
    -favorite toy - game - Battleship
    -teen interest - tennis
    -majors in Political Science; works as an attorney
    -not married; no kids

    Ryan Burnette

    Birth Two
    DS: Cody Harrison [42]
    -artistic and impulsive
    -favorite toy - drums
    -teen interest - bike riding
    -majors in Engineering; works as a civil engineer
    -not married; no kids

    Cody Burnette

    DD: Chelsea Allison [42]
    -introverted and dependable
    -favorite toy - blocks
    -teen interest - cheerleading
    -majors in English; works as a librarian
    -married; 3 kids
    ---DH: Jared Patrick O'Neal [46]
    -----DD: Caitlin Rebekah [17]
    -----DS: Declan Thomas [13]
    -----DD: Ashlyn Elizabeth [11]

    Jared and Chelsea O'Neal
    Caitlin, Declan and Ashlyn

    Birth Three
    DS: Dylan Jasper [39]
    -affectionate and stubborn
    -favorite toy - stuffed tiger
    -teen interest - bike riding
    -majors in Communication; works as a public relations manager
    -married; 5 kids
    ---DW: Jessica Renee [40]
    -----DD: Kamryn Danae [15]
    -----DS: Christian Jasper [13]
    -----DD: Kyndall Elaine [10]
    -----DD: Karlee Abigail [9]
    -----DS: Coleman Jay [6]

    Dylan and Jessica Burnette
    Kamryn, Christian, Kyndall, Karlee and Coleman

    Birth Four
    DS: Logan Dashiell [37]
    -boring and sympathetic
    -favorite toy - Batman action figure
    -teen interest - computer games
    -majors in Psychology; works as a social worker
    -married; quadruplets
    ---DW: Emily Carole [34]
    -----DD: Eden Danielle [3]
    -----DD: Ella Dawn [3]
    -----DS: Levi Clayton [3]
    -----DS: Luke Charles [3]

    Logan and Emily Burnette
    Eden, Ella, Levi and Luke

    DS: Mason Elliot [37]
    -introverted and dependable
    -favorite toy - puzzle
    -teen interest - photography
    -majors in Engineering; works as a research scientist
    -married; no kids
    ---DW: Olivia Marie [32]

    Mason and Olivia Burnette

    Birth Five
    DD: Avery Clementine [34]
    -anxious and hardworking
    -favorite toy - doll house
    -teen interest - running
    -majors in Nursing; works as a pediatric nurse
    -married; 2 kids
    ---Joshua David Wilkins [34]
    -----DD: Madeline Faith [8]
    -----DS: Alexander James [4]

    Josh and Avery Wilkins
    Maddy and Alex

    Birth Six
    DS: Hudson Wyatt [29]
    -affectionate and stubborn
    -favorite toy - legos
    -teen interest - photography
    -majors in engineering; works as an architect
    -married; 2 kids
    ---DW: Carissa Noelle [25]
    -----DD: Audrey Caroline [5]
    -----DD: Scarlett Grace [3]

    Hudson and Carissa Burnette
    Audrey and Scarlett

    Birth Seven
    DD: Mackenzie Shaye [26]
    -artistic and impulsive
    -favorite toy - play-doh
    -teen interest - film
    -dropped out of college; works as a singer
    -not married; no kids

    Mackenzie Burnette

    Birth Eight
    DD: Zoey Evelyn [24]
    -introverted and dependable
    -favorite toy - kitchen
    -teen interest - dance
    -majors in Education; works as a grade school teacher
    -not married; 1 kid
    -----DD: Harper Annabel [2]

    Zoey Burnette

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