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    Best/Most-Interesting Sibsets

    I know there is an existing thread similar to this one, but I'm thinking that this could be an update/revise since many of those sibsets have grown over the past year.

    Sophia, Louis, & Ruby
    Ethan & Amelia
    Leila & Claire
    Olivia, Hanna, & Parker
    Finn, Rory, Liam, & Gillian Grace (Gigi)
    Marlow, Sophia, & Miles
    Owen, Sophie, & Ella
    Carter, Brant, Dawson, & Logan
    Adeline & Mallory
    Mikayla, Jonah, & Jordan Lucas
    Briggs, Chase, & Jax
    Aidan, Lauren, Gwyneth, & Vivienne
    Addison & Olivia
    Hayden Stewart, Ava Rose, & Damon Job

    Here are some of the best birth announcements from this year...

    Waylon Patrick
    Gideon Milo
    Gillian Grace "Gigi"
    Owen William
    Damon Job
    Rosemarie Adeline "Romy"
    Henry Alonzo
    Vida Maeve
    Hazel Jane
    Willa Roux
    Emily May
    Owen Henry

    Camilla, Helena, Phoebe, Juniper, Margot, Willa, Ruby, Neva, Caroline, Iris

    Jude, August, Rowan, Oscar, Jasper, Arlo, Declan, Jack, Ezra, Theo

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    I know of a-

    Sydney & Harry
    Kane, Harli & Kaelyb
    Jorjah & Baylee

    Not alot in my area! x

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    I know a...

    Caroline, Jayson, and Xanthe
    Vann and Maisie
    Matthias, Cora, Silas, and Freya
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    Robby (Robert, I assume) and Mackenzie is the most mystifying to me.
    Ones I like are Sara and Lily, Emily and Alexis, and Rachel and John.
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    Alaska, Laila, Jasmine, Rachel, Amara, Daine, Anne, Sarai, Caroline, Alianne, Freya, Sophie, Coraline, Beth
    Combos: Alaska Jasmine, Alianne Inara, Laila Coraline, Freya Sarai, Anne Zaina, Rachel Amira, Amara May, Sophie Noor, Beth Aziza
    Avery, Rowan, Stellan, Sky, Dusk, Hart, Castiel, Alastair
    Combos: Dusk Alexander, Sky Amir, Hart Ismail

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    Not even kidding, two sisters: Happy and Gay.
    I just met them last week, but they're both in their late 40s.

    Recently that I've liked: Ava & Eleanor (Elle) and Olive & Pearl

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