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    Althea maybe? I personally really like Ophelia, but I can understand someone not being as big of a fan. Filomena/Philomena? Rowena? Delfina?Odessa? Acacia? I'm just throwing a bunch out there that struck me as along the same lines as Ophelia, but that may not be the direction you want to go. Maybe something along the lines of a Scarlett, Magdalene, Silvia, Eden? Or are those too contemporary sounding? Thoughts?

    For the boys, again I hope this is the right direction to head in- Aurelio, Carnell, Matthias, Eliezer, Desmond?
    I like Althea and Odessa! And The same direction as Ophelia is exactly where I want to be going, haha. I'm not limiting myself to a name meaning 'Beauty' as I'd originally intended, as they are a tad obvious, so just... anything works, basically. It's about sound and personality.

    Matthias is actually one of my top boy's names right now, ha. It feels a bit... young? Beast is hard; I need a name that sounds dark but not evil, isn't popular right now/in the past ten years (so as not to be heavily associated with youth in my mind), preferably kind of long. Somewhere between Eliezer and Desmond.
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    In between Eliezer and Desmond, hmm. Maybe something like Cedric (though that has a lot of Harry Potter associations)? Elias? Torrence? Eamon? Anatole? Ivor? Sinclair? Absolam? Efren? Maclean? Callum?

    maybe I should start putting these into list form

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    oooh, Absalom! I like! And Eamon, Anatole, and Maclean. Those are definitely where I want to be for Beast!

    Still looking for suggestions for Beauty. Odessa, Althea, Hanna, and Ophelia are still in the running, but none are giving me quite the right vibe... maybe a bit more... strong? I tend to go for harder/sharper consonants. So not quite so soft?
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    Okay, I know you're looking for names along the lines of Ophelia, but have you considered Tassia? She's a nn for Anastasia, but I think it works - the double s and the -a ending make it soft and feminine, but the string T gives it some strength. Anastasia works too.


    Beast -

    Callan - considering he's the beast, I like the idea of his name meaning 'handsome', and it. Then again, I'm a sucker for that sort of thing.

    Sorry, I'm not very good with boy's names.
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