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    Ranked in order of preference:

    Scarlett- dramatic, stunning, glamorous, feisty. seems Southern belle-esque because of Scarlett O'Hara, one of my favourite characters ever; I imagine a girl like her (but less ruthless and self-centred)
    Alexandra- classic, elegant, regal but totally wearable and down-to-earth at the same time. I've known so many I could see this on all kinds of girls, but I imagine someone demure and proper and polite but not in a stuffy way.
    Charlotte- like Alexandra, this name has tons of history and great references and manages to be both sophisticated and down-to-earth. Also brings to mind a quiet but kindhearted girl.
    Miranda- dramatic and eye-catching, hundreds of years old and literary but with a modern sound. I picture someone clever, quick-witted, fashionable and cosmopolitan for some reason, and with dark hair.
    Willow- brings to mind spring and forest glades and of course, willow trees. A Willow would be someone quiet and shy but with a good heart.
    Violet- I seem to be one of the few Berries who dislikes this. I just find it harsh and grating.
    Ava- pretty sound, but so short it feels incomplete to me. I picture someone friendly, social and glamorous- a "popular girl" who's not snobby (at my high school at least, they existed)
    Vivien- seems very glamorous and Old Hollywood because of Vivien Leigh, but not really a fan
    Ivy- sweet, pretty and nature-y. I picture a friendly girl who loves interacting with people.
    Poppy- too nicknamey and cutesy. I picture a bubbly girl who talks a lot.
    Stella- nice and girly but seems a bit chopped off to me, not a fan. I picture someone glamorous and sophisticated but slightly aloof.
    Zoe- I don't like how I can never tell if it should be pronounced "zo" or "zo-ee"- I would use an umlaut if you want the latter and just spell it Zo if you want the first. spunky and sassy. I imagine someone eccentric and hard to get to know.


    Scarlett Alexandra
    Charlotte Alexandra
    Miranda Zoe
    Alexandra Ivy
    Willow Ava
    Violet Alexandra
    Ava Scarlett
    Vivien Zoe
    Ivy Charlotte
    Poppy Stella
    Zoe Miranda
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    Ivy: Quiet but strong...the sort of girl who will fight her own battles. Independent but fiercely loyal and caring.

    Stella: Vibrant and energetic...full of pep and unwilling to let anyone take her down. Full of fire and light and more than willing to share her joy with others.

    Alexandra: Classic and sedate...the sort of girl who is proud and confident in herself.

    Willow: Wispy and ethereal...Willow is in touch with herself. The definition of still water runs deep.

    Zoe: Quirky while still being relatable...the sort who gets herself into trouble but can talk her way right out of it.

    Ava: Observant and introspective. She knows what she likes and makes her opinions clear in a polite yet firm way.

    Miranda: Beautiful and charming. Miranda has everyone wrapped around her little finger but she still manages to be kind and gentle. The sort of girl you want to know and feel drawn to without understanding why.

    Charlotte: Classy and collected. Charlotte is happy and carefree while still being polished.

    Scarlett: Vivacious and strong...a girl who won't take no for an answer. Liable to convince you the sky is green.

    Vivien: Smart and ambitious...she has high goals set for herself and is determined to reach them.

    Poppy: Spunky and full of a quiet beauty...she has an edge to her but is so lovable that she can get away with it. She's a bit eccentric but recognizes the way things work and is willing to adapt and grow.

    Violet: Clever and full of ideas. Sweetest girl you'll ever meet who greets the world with boundless energy and appreciation. Clear in her way of seeing things and able to pull others in.

    My favorites:
    Miranda Poppy
    Ivy Stella
    Violet Alexandra
    Poppy Vivien
    Willow Charlotte

    beautiful choices!
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    Ivy - Sounds very spoiled to me. I see it on an only child, a little girl who makes lots of noise with her feet when she walks.
    Stella - Pretty, but not very substantial. A Stella would be friendly and sweet, if a little dull.
    Alexandra - Classic and so wearable. It's such a broad name that I have trouble getting specific imagery from it.
    Willow- Kind of pretty, very ethereal. A Willow would be shy and smart, with bad posture but excellent taste/ideas.
    Zoe - Love it. So much spunk and fun in three little letters. A Zoe would be a ball of energy, constantly in motion.
    Ava - One of the prettier top ten names, but I'd still avoid it for that reason. Like Alexandra, an Ava could be anyone.
    Miranda - Awesome. Needs to be brought back! A Miranda would be freckled, fearless, possibly a dancer.
    Charlotte - Eh. It feels utterly bland to me. Once again I can't summon up imagery for it.
    Scarlett - NMS, I don't like the sound. I think a Scarlett would be a stubborn tomboy with a bob.
    Vivien - Pretty and totally in the sweet spot. I prefer Vivian. A stoic girl who is very observant, uses big words and is good at sports.
    Poppy - I've never been able to like this one. It's such an ugly sound and reminds me of grandfathers, not little girls or flowers. I see it on a very trusting, outgoing child.
    Violet - Gorgeous. Trendy at the moment, though. I think a Violet would be clever, with an excellent wit and a subtle magnetic personality.
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    Love the name Miranda!
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    Something about Willow Ava is gorgeous to me. I also love Ivy. Willow Ivy (too botanical?) Willow Ava, Ivy Alexandra.
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