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    Ivy - I love it! I imagine Ivy as a pretty light brunette with brown eyes and a sweet personality.
    Stella - Reminds me too much about Winx.
    Alexandra - Beautiful, classic choice. Can fit almost any girl
    Willow - Not a fan of it. I prefer Willa.
    Zoe - Beautiful name! I like the spelling Zoey better.
    Ava - AVAsome pick Really good as a middle name.
    Miranda - I think Miranda suits a loud school drama queen.
    Charlotte - Elegant name for your little princess. She can a quiet brunette which knows ALL the manners and rules.
    Scarlett - Love it! Scarlett can be a bright, happy girl, and nobody will ever be bored with her!
    Vivien - Not my favorite.
    Poppy - Sorry, it can ruin your love to Poppy, but "popa" in my language doesn't mean a very good word. But I started to like it a bit.
    Violet - Mysterios, beautiful color name.

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    Very nice list! I love Violet (obviously). Ivy I find I bit too short, personally, but I do like it in the middle.
    Stella is very nice. Alexandra too, although I'm not a fan of long feminine names for my own children.
    Willow is darling and interesting. Zoe is cute. I also prefer Ada to Ava, though I myself wouldn't use either because of Ava's trendiness.
    Miranda is lovely. Charlotte is also awesome, and is popular but classic enough to withstand the popularity. I like Scarlett too, but less than Charlotte. Vivien is ok. It somehow seems like it is trying to hard (esp Vivienne) - sorry.
    I like Poppy, but I would be worried about it being too juvenile to grow with a baby.
    Overall, though, I love your list, it's a lot of wonderful choices!

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