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    I know an ivy with dark curls and blue eyes and she is beautiful. I love the name! Also love violet (antique but still modern) and poppy is cute and spunky.

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    IvyLove it! I love nature names and this is one of my favourites.
    Stella – Cute!
    Alexandra – not the biggest fan. Have you considered Alexandria or Anastasia? Or Angelica or Annalise or Amadea or Araminta?
    Willow – Very cute!
    Zoe – A bit too popular for me, but it is a really nice name!
    Ava – Not the biggest fan. What do you think of Avalon? Or Ada or Abra?
    Miranda – I don't really like it, but I understand the appeal! Nice name!
    Charlotte – I prefer Charity and Cecily and Clementine and Cordelia and Clarity. Or Cecilia or Cassia! Nameberry had sort of ruined this name for me.
    Scarlett – Nice! I'm not the biggest fan, but again, I understand the appeal.
    Vivien – Nice.
    Poppy – Super nice! I love Poppy.
    Violet – Also love Violet!

    Ivy Alexandra, Ivy Miranda, Ivy Vivien
    Stella Charlotte, Stella Vivien, Stella Violet
    Alexandra Ivy, Alexandra Zoe, Alexandra Willow, Alexandra Scarlett, Alexandra Vivien, Alexandra Poppy
    Willow Alexandra, Willow Miranda, Willow Vivien
    Zoe Stella, Zoe Alexandra, Zoe Miranda
    Ava Scarlett, Ava Vivien
    Miranda Ivy, Miranda Willow, Miranda Zoe, Miranda Charlotte, Miranda Scarlett, Miranda Vivien, Miranda Poppy, Miranda Violet
    Charlotte Ivy, Charlotte Stella, Charlotte Alexandra, Charlotte Miranda, Charlotte Vivien
    Scarlett Alexandra, Scarlett Zoe, Scarlett Ava, Scarlett Miranda
    Vivien Ivy, Vivien Stella, Vivien Alexandra, Vivien Willow, Vivien Zoe, Vivien Ava, Vivien Charlotte, Vivien Scarlett, Vivien Poppy
    Poppy Alexandra, Poppy Miranda, Poppy Charlotte
    Violet Stella, Violet Alexandra, Violet Miranda
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    ~Frederick~ Alistair~ Malachi~ Edward~Julian~ Nathaniel ~ Theodore~

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    Ivy - Okay, kinda boring. Would be a decent middle
    Stella - Not a fan of this one; just don't like the sound.
    Alexandra-- Okay, has neat history, but I don't like Alex on a girl
    Willow - Don't like nature names much but this is one of the better ones in that category imo
    Zoe - Makes me think of the muppet on Sesame Street. Too short for my liking and not a fan of Z names
    Ava - Too common
    Miranda - First I have a negative assosciation with a really really bratty child named Miranda, then I think Sex and the City
    Charlotte - So many people love this one. I don't. I think it's going to be really trendy
    Scarlett - It's growing on me, but I still don't care for it much
    Vivien - My favorite on your list by far although I prefer Vivienne or Vivian
    Poppy - Lots of people love this one, too. Not me, it just sounds funny to my ear and I think of opium poppies.
    Violet - Okay, it makes me think of Violet in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (which is a negative association)
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    Ivy - never really liked this one...
    Stella - love the name and the meaning
    Alexandra - like, but only with nn - Aly, Lexi?
    Willow - not my favorite
    Zoe - too popular for my taste
    Ava - like, even though its popular
    Miranda - eh
    Charlotte - really like this name, really pretty
    Scarlett - all right
    Vivien - don't like that much
    Poppy - eh
    Violet - pretty

    My favorites are Stella and Charlotte, both beautiful names

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