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    Brother to Maggie and Ben


    I have a daughter named Margaret Elizabeth, nn Maggie, and a son named Benjamin Webster, nn Ben. Expecting #3, unkown gender, but have a girl name picked out. Need help with the boy! I like formal, traditional names with a nickname. Names that fit that are Andrew, with Andy and William with Will. Any others? I love Colin, but have no nickname and husband loves Jack, but it's too short for me. Thanks for any input!

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    Isaac, nickname Ike. (Or Aussies call Isaacs, Zac/Zack, but I prefer Zach for Zachary)
    Dominic, Nicholas - Nick.
    My family has Jacobs called Jack but Jack was more traditionally a nickname for John.
    Michael is very classic, NN Mick is cute and feels fresher to me than Mike.
    Gabriel - Gabe.
    Tobias - Toby
    Henry - Hank, Hal, Harry
    Callum, Calvin - Cal
    Gregory, Gareth - Greg, Gary

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    Jack could be a nn for Jonathan or John.

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    Gwendolyn Mae... Meredith Jane. ... Josephine Claire...Catherine Esme... Evelyn Grace ** Arlo Grant ... Drew Thomas ... Eli James ... Owen Vincent... Jay Theodore

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