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    Hellllppp....! Boys names are harder than we thought!

    We have an Addison Renee and Delaney Marie and are welcoming a boy in November... Liking Grayson, Graham, Beckham, Spencer (kind of) and Finn as a nickname.. wondering what longer names could be shortened to Finn besides Finnegan and Finley... Happy to hear other suggestions (again) too.. Oh, and middle name will be Wesley. Thanks for your help!!

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    Phineas nn Finn. or maybe Bennet or Becket. Anderson. Harrison. just to throw something out there.
    I personal like Phineas if you like the nn Finn.

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    I love Graham! And I think it fits in really well with your girls

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    Finnian, Thorfin, Ruffin, and Griffin all could have the nn Finn. I don't know if these suit your style but as many possibilities as you can find sounds good.

    My favorite of your shortlist is Graham, which works nicely with your girls' names.

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    Honestly speaking, I'd go for a clearly masculine name. Your girls both have traditionally masculine names. Spencer, Finley, and Finn are all unisex enough, imho, that they could be mistaken for a sister. Beckham isn't very classic... I'd go for Grayson or Graham... I prefer Graham.
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