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    I love this name, but if you are not in ireland it will almost always be mispronounced and misspelled.
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    i remember you.

    as i and others posted on your original post:



    if you like Bree, use Bree. changing the spelling is unnecessary and really a horrible thing for a person to live with and have to explain every single time they meet someone, go to school, do paperwork, get a job, etc etc etc.

    it isnt creative or stylish. take it from someone thats had to live through this and know others that have to as well i say this in defense of your child - the constant explanations and corrections are not worth the few minutes of 'i found a rare name' / 'i cant spell' selfish glory you'll feel the first 5 minutes of the babies life.

    it doesnt matter if its Celtic, as with other names and most of all languages, all words change from one language to another to become more suitable in that language.

    as far as i can tell Brigh isnt even the main spelling of Bree in modern Ireland either. language has evolved.

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    While I believe that you didn't just make it up, it does look like a made up name because of the -igh ending. That's the worst thing, in my opinion, about the invented spellings trend: it sometimes makes legitimate names look unappealing.

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    I don't like the look or feel of it. It makes a simple, pretty name unnecessarily complicated.
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    I didnt see your poll yesterday....but taking a look at the name "Brigh" I would have honestly no idea how it was pronounced if you hadn't put that it was pronounced like Bree. That could be one reason why.

    Also...I don't even like the name "Bree". Makes me think of cheese.

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