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    What is wrong with this name?

    I posted a middle name poll yesterday and Brigh (pronounced Bree) didn't receive one vote. It was the front runner in my mind so now I am curious. It isn't a "made up" name. Does is look like brig... like thrown in the brig? Or maybe like an unfinished Bright? Misspelled bridge? I'm confused because I really love it. Its Celtic and it means strong and/or noble. Thanks for your input!!

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    Berries tend to assume anything with an eigh/igh in it is a "kree8tiv" spelling as in Madeighson, Karleigh, etc, even if it isn't.

    They are right, though, that it will be mispronounced and misspelled a lot. It isn't a bad name, it's just unnessisarily (I can spell!) confusing, even if it isn't made up.
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    For me, Bree = Brie and therefore cheese :-)

    But also with a child learning phonics, igh = eye. I can see it being constantly mispronounced, which would be irritating.

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    "Bree" is okay yet somewhat boring as I grew up with many Breanne/a's. So Brigh doesn't hold much appeal for me personally.
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    1. Even though it is Celtic it looks made up to many peoples eyes.
    2. It will constantly be mis-prn br-eye. [it defies the rules of phonics]
    3. It looks like Bright with the t missed off.

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