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    Elysia needs a middle name!

    Hubby vetoed Ilythia, and we've moved onto Elysia - my hesitation in using Elysia was the Elysium movie coming out soon with Matt Damon.
    Anyways, still planning on trying to use poppy as one of the middle names, so hubby can call her poppy, if he wants. It's the only girl name he wants, and I don't like it enough to want it as a first name. And I read quickly, and whenever I see it, I read it as poopy, which I find distracting!

    Do you have any suggestions on middle names for Elysia Poppy _______
    Last name sounds like Lennon

    Some I have considered are

    Elysia Poppy de Lune
    Elysia Poppy Sage
    Elysia Juliet Poppy

    I like uncommon, nature and whimsical names, please suggest some fresh ideas!
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    Since Poppy is a nature name and Elysia is, to me, a place name of sorts, I would personally choose a middle name that is not a noun or descriptor of any kind (or one that is very subtle and hard to recognize as a word name). Elysia Juliet Poppy is my favorite of the three you listed for that reason (de Lune is sweet, but I feel like her name starts to turn into a thing, like a poppy from the Elysian Fields on the moon...). So I would suggest:

    Elysia Poppy Melisande L.
    Elysia Poppy Anais L.
    Elysia Poppy Linette L.
    Elysia Corisande Poppy L.
    Elysia Poppy Leona L.
    Elysia Poppy Celeste L.
    Elsyia Rosalind Poppy L.
    Elysia Marcheline Poppy L.
    Elysia Poppy Gwyneth L.
    Elysia Poppy Jovienne L.
    Elysia Bronwyn Poppy L.
    Elysia Imogen Poppy L.
    Elysia Poppy Therese L.
    Elysia Poppy Apolline L.
    Elysia Poppy Adrienne L.

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    Elysia is very pretty, and Poppy is darling. Some whimsical ideas:

    Elysia Poppy Melora
    Elysia Lorna Poppy
    Elysia Poppy Victoria (I have always found Victoria whimsical, a la old Victorian houses)
    Elysia Poppy Belle
    Elysia Poppy Emerald
    Elysia Mazelina Poppy
    Elysia Magnolia Poppy
    Elysia Melodia Poppy
    Elysia Capitolia Poppy
    Elysia Poppy Araminta
    Elysia Poppy Aneska
    Elysia Tamora Poppy
    Elysia Poppy Skylark
    Elysia Poppy Laine
    Elysia Willow Poppy

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    Elysia Poppy de Lune - the only time 'de' should be in a name is if you have a Spanish last name and its included. otherwise the name is becoming far to extensive and complicated once you tack on the actual last name
    Elysia Poppy Sage - double nature with the flower/herb
    Elysia Juliet Poppy - best option, good flow

    also love Elysia Vivienne Poppy

    if you cant get the flow just right stick with just two names. dont just tack on a second middle because you dont want your husband to lose Poppy.

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    Elysia Genevieve Poppy sounds perfect to me. I take it from your signature, obviously. I just love the sound..
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