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    Question Can Millie stand alone?

    One of the reasons I love the name Amelia, is because I LOVE the nickname Millie. In fact, I think I might like Millie MORE than Amelia. Plus I don't like the idea of naming a child something with an intention of calling them something completely different. Does that make sense? But anyway, I LOVE Millie. So can it stand alone? And what vibe does it give off? My other daughters are Claire and Ella so I don't know if it's as elegant as those two names are. Thoughts?

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    I used to think of Millie as more of a nickname, something I personally wouldn't put alone, like Katie, Missy, Maggie, Julie... But now I categorize it in the Nicknames-That-Have-Crossed-Over-Into-"Real"-Names pile with Hattie, Sadie, etc. I think Claire and Ella are elegant, but in a low-key/relaxed/casual/approachable way. I would put Millie in the same category. They sound nice together, though I'm not sure if I find the omnipresent "L" sound they share sweetly uniting or too matchy. Overall, though, I actually think I find Ella and Amelia too similar sounding; Ella and Millie sound more distinctive to me....

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    I have a similiar thing. I actually love the nn Mia more than Amelia. However, I think it is better to give children the formal names instead of just the nn. Millie is very cute but to me, it has a childish vibe. I think it is better that she goes by Millie as child (and older if she chooses), and then have the more formal Amelia when she is graduating and applying to jobs and such.
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    I would love to see Millie used alone more often. I disagree that it sounds childish; in fact, I think it sounds like an elderly woman who knits and tells stories of how she used to walk down a country dirt lane to her one-room schoolhouse. Nickname names are coming back in style, and Millie's name would grow with her through life's stages, especially since some of her peers will have similar names.

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    the child would always get "whats it short for?" & "really? just Millie?" leading to a lifetime of "yeah...its just Millie"

    the best part of a nickname is the full name surprise behind it! especially when the nn is Millie and it could be a number of different names!

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