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    Millie - too popular?

    I love the name Amelia nn Millie but I worry that since Amelia is in the 20's now it's getting popular What do you think of it and do you think it is getting too popular? Do you think most Amelias go by Mia or the full Amelia etc?
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    I definitely don't think Millie is too popular. Most Amelia's I know of or hear of go by Mia. Millie seems very underused. In fact, the only Millie I knew was my Great Aunt Millie, whose full name was Mildred.

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    I like Millie.. I have only met one (in mexico) she is probably about 15 and her full name is Mildred..

    Im not a huge fan of Mildred but Millie is adorable!
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    I LOVE Millie and I'm eager to see what everyone thinks about this thread. I have worried about Millie getting more popular in the US because it's currently so popular in the UK. I think if you're planning to use Amelia nn Millie that you'll be in the minority. I do know of one young Emilia, and she goes by Emilia. Millicent is another great way to get to Millie!
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    I love Millie! I had planned to name my daughter Emiliana for year (since I was 14 or so), but I recently took it off the list. The combined popularity of Amelia, Emilia, Emma, etc. just makes it too common for me. It's something to consider, and only you can really decide whether or not the popularity would bother you...
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