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    Looking at Vanessa with a new set of eyes.. WDYT?

    This was one of the names my husband has always loved. (Vanessa and Colette, though he is off of Colette just as I started to come around to it- go figure). We're pretty obviously of Irish heritage and I always thought Vanessa sounded too exotic for our Mc last name. It's come to my attention that although Vanessa is not Irish in origin, it was invented by an Irish writer! Maybe something that helps it make more sense for us? It doesn't necessarily go well with siblings Mason and Brenna, but for the sake of adding names to the list I'm trying to move past that. What do you think of Vanessa? An Irish name was never a must but I always thought I wouldn't stray too far away from the "feel". Vanessa Maeve is the combo that got me rethinking

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