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    Question my short list keeps changing and i need help!

    i'm not due til december but i hate having things hanging over my head (i have plenty of other things to worry about right now!)

    my first daughter's name didn't seem this hard! i named her Alora Belle, and i'm having another girl.

    my short list (right now at least) of first names are: Briar (although SO hates it, i can be convincing,) Bijoux (a new addition to the list,) Brigitte, Beatrix (i love, SO not so much,) Winter, Ember, and Beverly (brand new to the list after reading some threads here.) my SO LOVES the name Golda, but i'm having a hard time warming up to it because i can't find any good middle names.

    short list of middle names: Antoinette, Winter, Snow, Esmerelda, Rosalind, Violette.

    these lists change A LOT and i am open to suggestions! but i have kind of created a lot of rules for myself...

    1. nothing that starts or ends with "N" or the "N" sound. (last name starts with "N")
    2. no alliteration in the first & middle names either.
    3. i would PREFER if all three names had a different number of syllables (last name has 3)
    4. if rule 3 isn't followed, i would like for at least the first and middle names to have a different number of syllables.
    5. i would really prefer nothing of the girly variety that ends in "A"... no "-ellas"

    ...but really who cares about the rules just throw names at me and i'll figure those out

    i like traditional names, i like weird names, i would like a combination of both! but nothing super hard to pronounce/spell. i've had to spell my name for people my whole life so i know how it feels :/

    please help!

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    What about Goldie as a nn for Golda? I like briar, bijoux and ember with your daughter Alora. Beverly seems very dated to me.

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    oh i forgot my biggest rule! lol, i hate nicknames. hate them. the less nicknamable the better.

    Ember has been on my short list since the beginning, but i've been having trouble with middle names to go with it.

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    I don't really like Golda, it's very old fashioned to me. I obviously adore Beatrix, but husbands seem to hate it!!! Don't worry, mine does too
    I think Brigitte Winter and Beatrix Snow sound very pretty.

    When I thought of sisters for Alora, here's what came to mind
    Charlotte Winter
    Katherine Snow
    Harlow Violette
    Juliette Rosalind
    Genevieve Snow/Winter
    Eleanor Winter (Elle and Alora sound so nice together!)
    Blair Violette
    Claire Antoinette
    Clara Antoinette
    Harper Antoinette/Violette/Snow
    Had our Emilia in April 2014

    My name is Caroline, BeatrixDaisy is just a name I like!

    My favorite names need to be updated LOL

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