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    Thanks for all the feedback! I agree that it's a beautiful and in my opinion, timeless, name. Even if most would consider it dated, that doesn't phase me at all. I am even really liking the way it sounds with my last name now, but I don't know if I can get past the mis-matchiness of the siblings. The style aspect I could get over, I suppose. But as some of you pointed out, Brenna and Vanessa might sound too close! Names get shortened to one syllable most of the time if our busy household, and are Bren and Ness too confusing? I suppose I could always go the "Van" route but Ness/Nessa is so much cuter! Ahh, I don't know. One to keep in mind for now. Still got a few months to go

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    Ive always had a soft spot for Vanessa and dont find it dated at all. I think its a beautiful name, and very wearable. I love the nickname possibilites of Nessa and Nessi.

    I think Mason, Brenna and Vanessa actually sound great together. Vanessa Maeve is stunning, Maeve is actually on my list too.
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    I think it's a great name. There have been other threads on this name, and opinions ranged from dated to timeless, but the majority seemed to think it an underused beauty, which i agree with. Plus I love the nickname Nessa/ reminds me of Tessa/Tess, and I like it a millions times more than Nelly/Nell.

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    Vanessa just seems dated to me. I love the names of your children though, I'd want their sibling to have something just as fresh and cool as they do!

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    I wanted to chime in because my daughter's name is Vanessa, and I am of Irish decent. That's partly why we chose it-connection to an Irish poet and the Nessa nickname possibility. I think Vanessa is pretty and chic without being trendy. I also think it pairs well with your other siblings. I think being "cool and fresh" means not caring about what everyone else thinks is "cool and fresh."
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