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Thread: what's normal?

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    Sounds 100% normal! I felt that crampy "my period is coming any second now" feeling for weeks early on.

    I second start a big list of questions for your appointment! If you're looking for book suggestions, I preferred "the mayo clinic guide to a healthy pregnancy" to all of the "what to expect..." books.
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    Mild cramping and bloating during early pregnancy is completely normal- be careful if you take any pain medication, if you have to take something for pain take acetaminophen since other painkillers can be dangerous for the wee baby. If your cramping becomes intense call the nurse line for information and they will probably tell you to go in to the hospital right away. If you experience bleeding go in immediately.
    I have read that irregular periods are a symptom of Hypothyroid, and though it is rare there are several reasons you might get a false positive on a home test. Your doctor can confirm for you with a more thorough urine or blood analysis.
    If you think of any questions for your doctor or midwife write them down!

    Do a bit of research into signs of early pregnancy, things to watch out for. There are loads of foods (some fish, some cheeses, rare or undercooked meats, preservatives which are found in lunch meats and hotdogs... the list goes on) & activities you need to avoid etc.

    My advice to you: start taking prenatal vitamins right away. Drink lots of water, and cut out caffeine as much as possible. Eat little meals throughout the day to keep your blood sugar even, since pregnancy can include dizziness and fainting (you are at higher risk of this with your diabetes). If you are worried about morning sickness eat a banana before bed - the potassium and the slow-release natural sugars will help stave off nausea.
    My favorite pregnancy book is the Day by Day Pregnancy book - it has tons of useful information for you & your partner, and its fun to use it to track your baby's development.

    Again, congratulations & best of luck with your pregnancy.
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    Thank you everyone!!! with the periods I have never had Irregular periods even with Hypo thyroid so I have been blessed with that. I took 4 at home test and i was in the E.R. a week before and my pregnancy test did come back positive. but they never told me!!! I did take midol because i felt cramps and i usually get my period very badly i had x-rays done and i drank about 2 weeks ago with out knowing oh and i carried something really heavy so i'm freaking out.
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    Carrying something heavy shouldn't be a big problem this early on. I drank a bit of champagne before I knew I was pregnant, as well as took some Rx medications considered dangerous in pregnancy, and my daughter was born 100% healthy. Stressing about those things that you can't change is worse for baby than actually doing them half the time! Just avoid alcohol or unsafe medications from now on.

    There's a wide range of what's normal in pregnancy, so my advice is just get to a doctor ASAP so they can tell you what you need to do (especially with health issues). And go to the hospital if you have bleeding heavier than some spotting, pain worse than a normal menstrual period, or anything like vision changes, etc.
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    I can't answer your question buuut I just wanted to say that we share a wedding date! I also got married on May 11th of this year! Congrats!
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