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    I knew a Cristina whose nickname was Kitty There's also Kitty (who I believe was a Catherine) from Pride and Prejudice. I like it as a nickname but I agree there should be a formal name to put on the birth certificate.

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    Yay! I have a friend called Kitty and she loves her name! Kitty is also her full name. She's very intelligent and wants to become a barrister.

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    I think Kitty is adorable as a nickname...but I prefer it as nickname not as a full name. I think giving your kid a full name like Katherine/Katelynn/Katerina etc is better because it gives them more options. Not just to have something "more professional" for when they start a career..but what if your kid just hates having a really cutesy name. I mean, there's nothing to fall back on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mei_mei View Post
    Kitty is an adorable vintage nickname, but just doesnt work as a full name for me. It'd be difficult to take a 'Kitty' seriously in a professional environment. I would also want to option of introducing myself as katherine, Kristina, Keturah, etc. Rather than just being Kitty.
    Couldn't have said this more perfectly. I think using the nn still honors you grandmother. Remember that when she was born women mostly worked at home and were taught to be much more docile than today. A full-name like Kitty might not have thrown up as many road-blocks as it could today. And while we theoretically men and women are equal many professions still are male dominated and difficult for a women to break into. Kitty as a name is very sweet and sugary and your daughter might decide she needs something with more umph. How would you feel if she shortened it to Kit? or would you prefer a Katherine, etc?
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    I agree that in the past Kitty as a given name would've been less problematic since many/most women didn't go to college or get jobs.

    If you can stand Katherine, i think it's a great name and Kitty is a sweet, vintage nickname for it.

    I also like Kit as a standalone name on girls, and i know a little spitfire of a girl named Kit who fits it perfectly (her family sometimes calls her Kitten, but mostly just Kit)
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