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    Kitty: Yay or Nay

    I was daydreaming about the names I'll give my kids someday in the very very very far off future. My grandma, who I'm very close to, is named Kitty. I know it's kind of a "nickname name", but it is a "family name" too. Also, possible sibset names include [Girls:] Cybil, Imogen "Gen", Winona "Winnie", Agnella "Nella", Violet, [Boys:] Philip, Sebastian "Bas", Louis, Thomas, or Ed-Names (Edward, Edgar, etc.).

    Do you think it fits in with possible sibsets? (What's your favorite sibset using Kitty?) What's your first impression of the name on a baby? What's your first impression of the name on an adult? Other thoughts?

    Overall: Yay or Nay?

    EDIT: lexiem brought up a new nickname that I hadn't thought of: Kit. Most of the arguments against Kitty is that it sounds sexual and might make it hard for her to excel in life. Does anybody have an image different of that for Kit? Any other comments on the nickname?
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    Sorry, I have to go with nay. It's great as a nickname or even as a given for a young child, but it's very childish and most people would just think of cats. I can't picture it for an adult. It could work wonderfully in the middle, though. I have considered it as a way to recognize one of my favorite vacation spots, kitty hawk, North Carolina.

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    As a full name I would not do it. It has a very sexual/stripper feel to me as a given name. However as a NN for Catherine I think it is very soft and sweet. If you have other names on your list with NNs I would do Catherine NN Kitty. I still think it would honor your grandmother just as much as if you had named her just Kitty. I think Catherine, Violet, and Louis would be an amazing sibset

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    This might get harsh, sorry.

    I think it's great as a nickname, but I don't like it as a full name. I know an Antoinette who goes by Kitty (it's a personal nickname, not related to her real name obviously) and she loves it, but she doesn't use it on applications or to go to job interviews. She works in the medical field and while her friends call her Kitty, and her brother (River) calls her Kitty exclusively, everyone else uses her name. I'd never take Dr. Kitty G. seriously, but Dr. Antoinette G. is fine. It's cute for a baby or little girl, starts sounding sexual for a teen (sorry!), and gets a little ridiculous on an adult if it's their only name.

    It also doesn't go with any of the other names in your sibset. Now Kitana, Katherine (since it can be Kit), Ankita, Kitra, Nikita...any of those are nice. ^_^ -- My Amazon Author Page

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    I LOVE Kitty as a nickname and its on my own list but I don't think I would use it alone.

    I have it down for Ketzia as well as Katharine and possibly Katia or Caitlin.

    Is it possible your grandmother continually used Kitty but was really a Katherine or another international version of Katherine? I have a couple Kittys in my family tree too and they were Katerinas and Katias before they Americanized. I would use those and call her Kitty before I used just Kitty, honestly.

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