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    I'm in the minority here, but I do like it as a standalone name. I'm a fan of vintage nickname names, and since they are coming back in vogue, I think you could get away with it. I saw an old gravestone with the name Kittie Belle, and I thought it was just darling. I think the right female could wear Kitty/Kittie all her life and make it work.

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    Where I live Kitty is used as a nn only.. It's a nn for names like Katherine, Catalina, Katerina etc

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    I had a Southern (US) preschool teacher called 'Miss Kitty'. It reminds me of being forcefed mac n cheese (which I've never liked) and seeing black & white kids segregated and required to sit at different tables in the early 70's. Not pleasant memories. The name seems absurd on a human.

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    Kitty is an adorable vintage nickname, but just doesnt work as a full name for me. It'd be difficult to take a 'Kitty' seriously in a professional environment. I would also want to option of introducing myself as katherine, Kristina, Keturah, etc. Rather than just being Kitty.
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    Nay. Imagine your teenage daughter named Kitty or her interviewing for a job and saying "I'm Kitty."

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