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    What would you name our twins?

    My husband and I are expecting twins, a boy and a girl, and we couldn't be more excited. I posted our list for our daughter's potential name as well as our son's in a different forum, but without seeing our current lists, what would you name our twins based off of their siblings names? My husband and I both have (older) children from previous relationships, and together we have two daughters.
    His kids are:
    Matthew John (20)
    Michael Tyler (18)
    Kylie Rose (15)
    Christopher Bryan (14)
    My two are:
    Lucy Isobel (17)
    Catherine Abigail (15)
    And our two together are:
    Avery 'Ava' Jane (7)
    Grace Elspeth (3)

    Knowing our other children's names, what would you choose for our son and daughter who we will be welcoming into our family soon?

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    Evelyn Iris (nn Evvy), Caroline Violet, Emmeline Rose, Vivienne Iris/Charlotte*/Maria/Roseanne/Rose/Taylor. Charlotte--add any of the mn's listed above...

    Benjamin Kai or Benjamin Leo
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    I'm Sierra.
    I write poetry.
    I have no life--just my imagination.

    Winifred, Faye, Adelheid, Agnes, Anne, Eleanor, Hollis, Arthur, Benedict, Finn

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    I had something else but have chosen names from my signature!!
    Felicity and Zac
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    current favorite names:



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    Girl: Bryony or Zoe
    Boy: Micah or Callum

    middle names: Ellowen, Marie, Lorraine, Adelaide, Harper, Jason, Jonah, Josiah, Elias, Elliot.
    Strive not to be a success, but rather of value
    ~Albert Einstein~

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    Girls Emma & Julia
    Boys Samuel & Andrew
    Mommy to Carter James born 09.03.2013


    Girls : Elsbeth Noelle, Carys Juliet, Melody Violet, Valentina Camille, Lila Gabrielle, Georgina Alexis
    Boys: Ethan Paul, Landon Cole, Carter James, Jude Issac, Noah Vincent

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