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Thread: Bertram

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    I've recently been crushing on Bertram. My SO's nn is Bertie, so I like the connection. But I think before I met my Bertie, I probably would have thought this was an old curmudgeon's name!

    So what are your thoughts? Is it an old curmudgeon's name, or is it usable?
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    I actually really like the name Bertram, but I do like old names, so I'm not sure how valid my opinion is. Bertram could be a Bertie for short, or he could also get the more modern-sounding nn Bram, so I think it can work nicely.
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    I love it, especially with nickname Bram and the meaning (bright raven) is totally awesome IMO, since crows/ravens are my second favorite animal behind owls. But I doubt a little boy would appreciate it much, so I debate about whether or not to put it on my "long" list (I only like approx. 10 boys names lol) or keep it as a GP. But I'd be thrilled to meet one
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    Bertram is one of my all time favorite names. I'd use it whole, as is. In a world of Declans, Liams, and Winstons, I think it would blend right in.

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    I think of the boat manufacturer when I hear bertram, unfortunately.
    I do like Bertrand, however.

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