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    I'm not keen on religious names either, yet though I know mythological names are essentially religious, they have a different tone to me that makes them seem separate from being religious. The poster may feel the same?
    moving to new account with username I like more... since we can't just change them

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    I don't know...I don't think Mercy HAS to be a religious name. I love it and I know an Eden, a Hope and a Grace whose parents aren't really religious.

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    Celeste - like this one
    Mercy - like this one, but I think it's overall religious, what a shame
    Lua - to me, this seems that someone misheard Luna
    Isis - love this one
    Aquila - dislike, but not because it's a male name
    Melanite - love the sound, but reminded me of melanoma
    Opal - it's OK
    Marigold -love this one, as well
    Wisteria - it's OK
    Gemini - too out there
    Flora - perfect
    Forsythia - dislike
    Keshet (Rainbow in Hebrew) - dislike
    Minerva - this name always seemed masculine
    Amethyst - love
    Tempest - too harsh, maybe for a boy would be perfect
    Seraphina Isolde Paige Cressida Melody Charlotte Cecily Despina Bridget Rosalyn Cvijeta Dorothea Millicent Gwenllian Beatrice Aurora Rosamund Matilda Nimue Sunniva Giselle Griselda Amoret Helena Anastasia Elaine Isabella Briseis Freya Blanche Paisley Flora Robin Magnus Percy Tristan Ansel Lysander Arthur Edmund Balthazar Dimitri Emil Amaury Erik Dylan Dorian Florian Gustav Harley Roland Ludwig Arlo Orpheus Amadeus Lucius Remy Thorin Hugo Edgar David Beowulf Wesley Roman Sylvan Maximilian Storm

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    First up, Congratulations!

    Celeste is beautiful.
    Mercy it doesn't seem anymore religious than Grace or Hope, they are virtues so valued across all religions.
    Lua is pretty on its own what language is it? full name options could be Lucinda (possibly not your style), or Luana (means content(hiwaiian))
    Isis my cousin has an Isis. Beautiful, and a good goddess to be named after.
    Aquila can definatly work for a girl. I quite like Quill on its own too, but wouldn't be brave enough to use it.
    Melanite (It's a garnet) Prefur Garnet
    Opal ok
    Marigold cute!
    Wisteria I like the flower but can't picture the name on a child
    Gemini meh,NMS
    Flora love Flora!!! There's a margarine brand in Aus called Flora so it's out for me... grr
    Forsythia nms
    Keshet (Rainbow in Hebrew) this could definatly work! Minerva love. Minnie and Eva are wonderful nn possibilities!
    Amethyst Nms but Amey makes a useable nn
    Tempest not too harsh, the pest part bothers me though.

    Mariposa (butterfly)
    Dalia goddess of luck/fate
    Are other suggestions for girls

    For boys
    Orson (bear)

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    Celeste - I've never liked this name. It rhymes with something incredibly unflattering and I can't get past it.

    Mercy - Its not religious to me. Its actually more musical. Its pretty neat, though lacking character.

    Lua - I love Lu names. Lua could be a nickname for Alouetta, which is a bird. Luana, the hawaiian name is a good suggestion. Its whimsical and naturey.

    Isis - It just doesn't sound like a nice name to have as a child, and as a woman it might seem cold or unapproachable.

    Aquila - Quil

    Melanite - Mel names... not a fan...

    Opal - Cute and quirky. I like O names; they're rare in diversity these days.

    Marigold - Love this name. Always loved it. Chrysanthemum also comes to mind.

    Wisteria - Very neat, I like it a lot. But I'm not sure if its wearable. It could be, no rules right?

    Gemini - Very hippy. Gemma would be a chic alternative, and it means jewel.

    Flora - This is alright. It's lacking character, to me anyway.

    Forsythia - Beautiful and great alternative to Cynthia, which is equally beautiful.

    Keshet - Ehhhhh

    Minerva - Lacks character, also nickname would most likely often be Minnie. Minerva Mouse is actually Minnie Mouse's full name.

    Amethyst If this is a middle, that's not so bad. If its a first your mom would definitely know about it and think you honored her. Also I don't think this is very wearable for a child or grown adult.

    Tempest - Its beautiful and powerful. Temple also comes to mind.

    Question: Are these your middle names or your first names you like?

    And as for a boy, Jasper immediately comes to mind. Its a stone, but its also not completely out there, so it's very wearable. Its also got a lot of spunk, if I say so myself.
    aurora- autumn- ashwyn- bambi- bernadette- calliope- emmalou- henriette- indigo- ione- january- lark- leela- llewellyn- lydia- marnie- molly- narnia- noelle- oralee- penelope- philomena- rain- raven- roxy- ruby- snow- tessa- thora- waverly- willow- winter- wren- zoe | abel- aesop- angus- banjo- bartholomew- bear- bruce- burkley- darwin- elliot- finn- flynn- foster- henry- indigo - knox - laszlo - lyle - navy - nemo - noah - otis - oakley - rainn - thatcher - thomas - thompson - titus - zen

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