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    Floral/astral/gem names. Need help!!!

    A friend of mine suggested coming to Name Berry for help. I am "newly" pregnant, and will be keeping the sex a surprise. This is my first! And the circumstances are complicated, but I will be a (young) single mother. So the naming will be completely up to me. I have no family that I would like to honor (oof, that's a little embarrassing to say).

    I have a list of middle names that are all set, so please don't suggest middles! I have found that I am very drawn to names that have whimsical meanings, are a flower, are astral themed, gem stones, or "goddess" like (I love the concept of mythology names, but I haven't studied mythology.)

    This is my list:


    Mercy (I love this. But what image does it give you? Does it seem religious? Religious names are off limits to me)
    Lua (Meaning the moon. It has special meaning for me, but I feel it too short. What names can have the nickname Lua???)
    Aquila (I know its a boy's name, but I can picture it on a girl so perfectly. What do you think??)
    Melanite (It's a garnet)
    Wisteria (Love the image. But not sold)
    Gemini (I love this so much, but I think it's too "out there". What do you think??)
    Forsythia (not sold yet)
    Keshet (Rainbow in Hebrew)
    Amethyst (This keeps getting taken off my list because it's my mothers birth stone and I don't wish to honor her. But I love it, so it keeps coming back!)
    Tempest (too harsh?)

    Please give me your opinion on all these names.
    I'm still figuring out my boy's name list. I will post that another time! Feel free to give me some boy's suggestions based off my girl's list.


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