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    A good way to come up with syfy or dystopian or futuristic type names is to take a normal name and twist it. Take Sarah for example. Look at some of its variations and then maybe twist one of them to come up with something new. Since its a different setting and most likely a different time period, its okay to make up names or go with weird ones. Maybe something like:

    Naomi - Nia, Ami
    Rachel - Rahela, Rai
    Lily - Lilia, Liya
    Rose - Roza, Roselyn, Rusa
    Diana - Dia, Dee, Dena, Dya
    Elizabeth - Elyza, Leesa, Lizbeth, Bette
    Madeline - Mada, Malin, Deline, Adine
    Caroline/a - Ina, Lina, Caro,
    Eleanor - Nell, Elea, Lina
    Evangeline - Evan, Eline, Elina, Vangie
    Fiona - Fee, Iona, Fia
    Lucy - Luca, Lucia, Cia
    Alice - Alya, Lissa, Ilysa, Ilisse
    Katrina - Katria, Rina, Atria, Katri

    Sorry, I couldn't think up of anything for the other character.
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    I like short names for sci fi, so find big words and break them into syllables. Mix and match, play with sounds, play with normal names as pp said.

    Interesting; sounds like a Fahrenheit 451 kind of deal.

    Do you have more detailed character descriptions? It's easier to name them when you know them.

    And about being 11, good for you. That's when I started writing too.
    I'm not feeling incredibly profound at the moment. Check back later.

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    @miamia609 and @rainierloner your not the only young ones around here. I'm 12 and turning 13 in the fall, also writing a book.
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    redrobin: That's cool! You definitely can come up with the best sci fi names for stories with that method. I really liked Lucia.

    celianne: Thank you tons for the advice. I'll use that to find Declan a nn

    miranda082: That's awesome! I'm working on my third book. I wrote two short stories but I didn't want them to be published. I'm thinking of actually publishing this one.
    It's so great to know that there are other younger people on here. I thought I was the only one!!! Cool and thanks everyone!

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    for the girl:
    Imogen nn Immy

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