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    Talking Dystopian/Steampunk/Post Apocalypitic Character Names?

    Hello all! I am writing a story about a girl in a post-apocalyptic world who is told that she must become a Burner or be executed. A Burner is the job of a 17-year-old boy or girl. They are given a flamethrower and box of matches, a valuable currency in the New Haven. The New Haven is basically what's left of North America. Only half of the United States survived, and joined forces with Canada to become New Haven. So I need a name for a 17 year old girl. I was thinking something innocent-sounding, like Marie. She will have to burn down the overpopulated cites, with no mercy.
    I also need a name for a 21-year old male. He is the trainer. He has to have a nickname that everyone knows him by, like Four in Divergent, but also have a real name. He will train the girl and three other Burners to become strong both physically and mentally.
    I need 3 names, two boys names and one girls name. It can really be anything. You don't find out much about their personalities, other than they're vicious.

    Thank you!
    Btw what do you think of the story? My family says it's great. Cause I'm only 11 )) woah I know lol not many 11 yr olds are on nameberry. But I wanna be a writer. ))

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