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    Post Are names destiny?

    Here's a question: to what extent does your name shape your personality ... and your life? Is the girl named Fleur doomed if she's not a very feminine type? Does the boy whose parents called him Maximillion have to be a thrusting, powerful go-getter? What do you think? michelle_sb

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    They definitely don't have to! I think often authors use them because they help the reader along with the character development depending on the name, but it certainly isn't a necessity. It could make for an interesting character is their personality was the exact opposite of what their name connotes.

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    I want to know where this magical 'name personality' dictionary is. Who would dictate the decided personality of a name?

    My name is Cecilia Anne, an extraordinarily feminine, frilly name meaning Blind Grace. I've always been a tomboy, having been raised with two brothers and no sisters. In popular culture, Cecilias are snobbish, b!tchy, spoiled brats, and while I likely satisfy the b!tch part of that I'm not all that snobbish or spoiled.

    Am I doomed, or am I interesting?
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    A lot of times for my stories, I'll take a name that has one meaning because the character I'm using it for is the exact opposite. So no, I don't think that a name has to match the person wearing it.
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    I actually think it is rare or interesting if someone's name really truly fits them.
    I know a little boy Max whose name fits him to a tee. He is crazy active, bubbly but with an old soul.
    I've never felt like my name fits me very well...
    My sister on the other hand completely embodies her name. She has a vintage classic name with Grace in the middle and he is a girly, sensitive ballerina!
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