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    WDYT of my 3 recent crushes?

    hi! I have some girl names which I've been crushing on recently and I was wondering what you think of them! Maybe even some pros and cons to each name as thats how I choose my top tens most of the time if I can't choose between some names!

    Verona - I was talking to a friend who had baby sat 2 children the night before and they were called Verona & Sterling. My love for both names was restored when I heard of a 1 year old Sterling and a 4 year old Verona! I would pronounce Verona like 'Vur-Oh-Nah' if that makes sense? I like the NN Ro & Roo, but are there any other nicknames?

    Seren - I love that it means star. I loved the name Star when I was about 7 because I love Stars and thought it was cool. Nicknames would probably be Ren/Reni

    Louisa - If I ever used it, it would honor my mum because he middle name is Louise, and I just love Louisa. Ive never been a fan of Louise but I adore Louisa. Nicknames would be Lou, maybe Sia if I was feeling adventurous!

    Thank you in advance!
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    Verona: it's a lovely name, but place names are not really my style. That being said, I actually really like it and I think it doesn't automatically scream Verona, Italy. I love the nickname Roo/Ro. I guess you could also use Ronnie as a nickname, but I don't really care for it. Vera could also work, but might be a stretch.

    Seren: love it and love your nicknames. If it was me, I would use Sorin, but my DH is from Romania so that would be the only reason. I think Bram and Seren would make a dashing sibset.

    Louisa: a great way to honor your mom! I love the nickname Lula or Lulu. Only con is that Louisa seems a bit mainstream as compared to the names in your signature.

    P.S. I love the names in your signature. We have very similar tastes!
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    Love Verona. Seren makes me think of deadly toxins. Louisa is sweet. It sounds like a pretty little English girl.

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    Verona - This is a nice alternative to Veronica! And it sounds Italian, which is a definite plus to me : )

    Seren - This is nice, but I kind of prefer Serena as it looks more finished (but I don't like the way it's pronounced as much).

    Louisa - LOVE! But I like the nickname Lulu rather than Lou.
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    There is a small town near where I live called Verona, so while I could never use it, but it does have a pleasant sound.

    Seren just doesn't look complete. Maybe Serene or Serena look fuller to me.

    Louisa is nice and very underused.
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