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    I can understand it (believe me, I'm a Jessica so I know the pain). When I was naming DS, I refused to pick any name that was in the top 1000 for the US. I searched and searched forever and literally made myself sick with the stress of finding the one. I finally found the name. It wasn't in the top 1000 and it was totally unique and perfect. It fits DS perfectly, but guess what: on his first day of daycare, there was another Bram in his room. What are the freaking chances! I was initially horrified, but my DS fits his name and I can't imagine him as anything else.

    Out of curiosity, what names did you like? It would help for more suggestions.
    D.S. lil Bam Bam

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    I like a million names and can't make a decision to save my life. When I am finally having my own baby I hope I will be able to settle on one that I can live with and that my husband thinks is okay. My name is definitely not popular, so I understand not wanting to use a popular one, but I might have to chose one that is little more popular than I would like. My husband doesn't share my love of rare vintage names.
    Are there any characters from books or movies that you like? Do you like any of the names of your friends from the past? Did you ever meet someone with a name that you really like?
    My name is Glenys, by the way. Name your baby after me!
    Just kidding! I am named after my mother's friend, and she was named after my mother's friend, but none of my friends are going to name their daughter after me.... haha Can't say I blame them.

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    I'm a little apprehensive about using names from childhood as my childhood wasn't great, and I fear that I'd associate my child's name with my bad childhood.

    While I like books and movies, I don't feel attached enough to characters to name my child after them. I just don't know what to do, because at this rate my child is never getting a name.

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    Also, my main issue is girls names. If I did go down the route of using a name from a book/movie/etc, I don't really seem to idolise many female characters. Not out of any kind of "I hate women" thing, I just watch a lot of shows/movies/read books with mainly male characters. Even in history, there aren't that many women that I'd name a child after. I'd hate to name a son after someone, and then not my daughter :/ And the few that I do idolise, I don't like their names. E.G I think Rosalind Franklin was a wonderful woman, but I don't like the name Rosalind personally

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