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    Could Elias and Ruby ever work in a sibset?

    Is there any possible way that Elias and Ruby could work in a sibset? Why or why not? If not, what would work better? If you add a third sibling, Jude, is Ruby the outcast? Please help!
    Thanks in advance!
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    I like Jude and Ruby better then Elias and Ruby. In terms of working I think the really depends one how much you want your children's names to line up and how important that is to you. I mean there is nothing to stop you from having Elias and Ruby but I would think Elliot and Ruby work better together. And with Elias, Ruby and Jude then Ruby does stand out. But it might not be something that would really bother her.
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    I don't find Elias and Ruby odd in a sibset. They both strike me as names coming back into fashion. Additionally, I think brothers' and sisters' names don't need to coordinate as well as same gender siblings. And Jude is great with Elias.
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    It depends on whether or not it bothers you. Most people in real life don't overanalyze sibset names. I see that Elias and Jude go together, and Ruby and Jude is a bit better than Ruby and Elias. But at the same time, if I knew a family with these names, I'd probably just think the kids had cool names.

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    Yes, of course Elias and Ruby would work as siblings. Jude also works well with Elias and Ruby. However, I don't think Ruby would be the odd one out in that sibling set. If anything, Elias would be, because Ruby and Jude both have four letters and have a "u" as the second letter.

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