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    opinion on my names list?

    Whitney Grace .f.
    Jude Andre .m.
    Adrien Gabriel .m.
    Demetria 'Demi' Simone .f.
    Vivienne Olivia .f. (Or should it be vivian? Vivienne is the french spelling, and i'm french)

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    Stick with Vivienne. It's so much prettier. I love that name, I had it on our list until DH nixed it.
    Jude Andre is very nice as well.
    Adrien and Gabriel are both nice names, though I'm not sure about them in that order.
    Not a huge fan of Demetria, though I do like Simone. Demetria seems really dark to me.
    Whitney Grace I have a bias against because I have a sister named Whitney that I don't get along well with, so I shouldn't give an opinion there. Good luck with your list!
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    Whitney Grace is fine but Whitney seems a little 1980s to me.

    Jude Andre is handsome. I love the name Jude.

    Adrien Gabriel has a little too much melody to my ear, but I agree both names are nice. I slightly prefer the Adrian spelling for a boy. You might try Jude Gabriel and Adrian Andre or Adrian Andreas for something different.

    Demetria Simone has the best flow of all your names and is the most bold. I actually think its pretty neat, and Demi is a cool nickname. I had a coworker named Demi; suited her well.

    Vivienne Olivia has too much V! I like the Vivienne spelling you have over Vivian. I also like Vivien, like Vivien Leigh. Use Vivienne Orla for something quirky and different, or maybe Vivienne Leila?
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    Vivienne is my favorite, but I prefer Vivienne Grace. Jude Andre is my favorite boy's name for you.

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    Whitney Grace .f. - I really like this name. I find Grace goes with really anything.
    Jude Andre .m. - Not a fan of either names. But they do sound nice together.
    Adrien Gabriel .m. - Love the names Adrian/Adrien, and Gabriel.
    Demetria 'Demi' Simone .f. - Not a an of either. Again though, they do sound nice together. But I prefer the male "Simon" more than the female "Simone"
    Vivienne Olivia .f. - I like both spellings, and Olivia is one of my favourite names.
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