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Thread: Alexavier?????

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    It seems like a smoosh of Alexander and Xavier.

    Personally I don't like it. It's too trendy. To me, it wouldnt stand the test of time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by orphanedhanyou View Post
    sounds like you are desperately trying to 'be different' like everyone else and find 'new' ways to change up Alexander and Xavier and not make them trendy. you didnt succeed and no one ever will.

    dont use it.
    As i previously said i am not 'planning' on using this name myself at all..!! i just came across it. I am NOT 'desperately' trying to be different at all.. That has offended me as you are implying that those who use unusual or unique names are desperate to be different.. cant someone just like a name.. whether it popular or not? Im pretty sure that 'ALEXAVIER' is better than some of the pants names i have seen! oh and FYI i like Xavier.. (as shown in my signature) is that okay or is that unsuccessful also?
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    Maybe because i'm an Alexandra but Alexavier just bugs me.
    I'd probably choose Alexander or Xavier. The combo reminds me of smooth names where the parent's couldn't decide between one and the other and choose both.

    You could also use Xavier as a nn for and AleXAnder VERgil combo. (Or something V_ER as a mn).
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    Awful. Truly awful.

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    It's not terrible but I am not a fan of smoosh names, so it doesn't appeal to me. I also don't really love Xavier on its own, which is probably influencing my opinion.
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