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Thread: Character Names

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    I think you should try Adele instead of Adelaide, and Nathaniel

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    I actually used the name Salem for a character once. I really like it, but I'm not sure it fits your character. My Salem was a shy, beleaguered youngest daughter of a villainess in a science-fiction story, so maybe that's part of the reason it puts me off. But also, using place names wasn't exactly trendy in the early 1800s (also keep in mind that witch hunts, burnings and hangings fell out of practice by roughly 1750 in Europe/North America), so a more familiar, classic name (like Adelaide, etc.) would probably be best.

    Consider a slightly revitalized classic name, mostly plays on names you already have (I took these off an 1800 name census): Adeline, Eveline, Elizabet/Elspeth (maybe nn Elsie), Lisbeth, Harriet, Sera, Lydia, Ellen, Abigayle, Caroline nn Caro, Dahlia, Matilda/Mathilde nn Mattie, Amelia, Olive, Devorah, Almira, Mercy, Phebe, Esther, Caterin, Julia

    I really like Esther for your character. It's classic, goes with her relatives, and still has some spunk. Mathilde/Matilda is also a favorite.

    I love Issac, though I prefer Isaac spelling. Isaac & Esther go nicely together.

    LN Fleming goes wonderfully with a bunch of my names: Esther Fleming, Mathilde Fleming (Mattie Fleming), Elspeth Fleming, Caroline Fleming, Mercy Fleming

    Isaac Findlay has a certain ring.

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    Salem would be extraordinarily ironic, and you'd probably have to include an explanation.

    Maybe do something related to witchcraft; do a reasonable amount of research, and pick something from the lore/culture that would make sense without being overbearing.

    I agree that your other options are a bit soft/boring, so maybe:

    Sella (Say-la)

    Nature names would work well also. Fern, Ivy, Ashka, Willow...

    For the boy, it sounds like he's from America (you didn't specify, so I'll assume). Which provides an interesting dynamic as far as time-period goes, because tensions were quite high between America and England around that time. See if you can use that to your advantage, it'll be ridiculously helpful to your plot.

    Anyway, I like, Tate, Nathaniel, and Isaac. A good irony would be the last name Hawthorn, as that was the judge who did most of the prosecuting/condemning of witches in Salem. This rules out Nathaniel, because of the romantics author (who was related to him and ashamed of it to the point of adding an E to his name). I vote Isaac or Tate.

    As a side note, I love your idea. It sounds interesting and I'd love to read it, if you intended on sharing. I've always had a nice little fascination with witchcraft.
    I'm not feeling incredibly profound at the moment. Check back later.

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